Clash N Slash icon
Keep firing and save your planet
Knightmare Remake icon
Remake of the classic MSX from 1986
Saint Seiya: Death and Rebirth icon
Select your knight of the zodiac and let the action begin
Smash Face Volley icon
Volleyball takes on new meaning
Simpsons: Treeehouse of Horror icon
Characters from the Simpsons and Futurama face off
A Fistful of Gun icon
Frenetic arcade action in the wild west
Chompston icon
Bomberman meets Pacman
Open Hexagon icon
Do you have good reflexes? You'd better!
Pixel Force Halo icon
All the glory of Halo, now in 8 bits
Tetris icon
Play Tetris for free
Chicken Little icon
Help Chicken little solving its big problem!
Mad Truckers icon
Steer a powerful semi through traffic and around obstacles
Cocotrap icon
Pac-Man returns, in 3D!
Frantic Freddie Returns icon
A remake of the classic Commodore 64 game
Another Bird icon
A mashup between Another World and Flappy Bird
Derez [infinite] icon
A race to the death against low definition
Marvel First Alliance icon
The Avengers and friends have a new adventure
Be Not Afraid icon
Welcome to the highway of 2077 Anarcho-Tokyo
Not-So-Massive Action Game 2 icon
Madcap action in two dimensions
Steampac icon
A steampunk version of Pac-Man
MusicRacer icon
A new way to enjoy your favorite music
Rogue Assassin icon
Stealth and Assasination in the middle ages
Steven Seagal is Hard to SWAT icon
Lead a SWAT team in a hostage rescue
Vision Runner icon
First person racing and 'parkour'
Maximus Action Carnage icon
Pure uninhibited arcade action
AVSEQ icon
String together atoms and create musical notes
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