Secret Maryo Chronicles icon
Outstanding remake of the classic Nintendo game
Free Solitaire 3D icon
Enjoy five different versions of this classic game
CrossOver Games icon
Enjoy the main PC games on Mac
Zelda Classic icon
Create your own Zelda adventures
Neverball icon
You'll need intelligence and skill to win this game
Tomb Raider Anniversary icon
Lara Croft is back. Celebrate it!
Red Eclipse icon
Thrilling First Person Shooter... for free
Iter Vehemens ad Necem: IVAN icon
Death lurks around every corner
Outer Wilds icon
Space exploration through a drifting universe
Nanny Mania icon
Household Chores Have Never Been Easier
Dwarf Fortress icon
The most ambitious game ever
SuperTuxKart icon
Kart racing starring Tux
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory icon
Revive the bloodiest battles of World War II
fheroes2 icon
A free, open-source version of the legendary HoMM2
Freecol icon
Take over new lands with your colonial empire
BVS Solitaire Collection icon
Enjoy more than 500 types of solitaire from just one app
Teeworlds icon
2D multiplayer battles with goofy creatures
Mahjong Epic icon
Excellent suite of Mahjong boards
Halloween icon
Horror and death courtesy of Michael Myers
0 A.D. icon
Build your own empire and conquer the rest
Football Manager icon
The most realistic Football simulator of all time
Urban Terror icon
Quake 3 mod that has become an independent game
ZSNES for Intel Mac icon
Time to play Super Nintendo games on Mac
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