Code::Blocks icon
DE for C++ that includes the MinGW compiler.
Android Studio icon
The new programming environment for Android
TextWrangler icon
An advanced text editor based on regular expressions
XAMPP icon
Apache, PHP, MySQL and Perl all in one package
Kompozer icon
A visual webpage editor based on NVU
Komodo Edit icon
A code editor for dynamic programming languages
Atom icon
Powerful GitHub-created text editor for programmers
Android SDK icon
Android app development kit
Free Pascal icon
Pascal compiler that integrates with Xcode
MySQL Workbench icon
A visual design tool for MySQL databases
Apache NetBeans icon
Java, C and Ruby application development from your Mac
Aptana Studio icon
Integrated development environment for web 2.0
Stencyl icon
Create your own video games even without programming experience
MAMP icon
Installer for Apache, MySQL, and PHP
jHeidi icon
MySQL database manager in Java