Lego Digital Designer icon
Construct Lego models on your Mac
DOSBox icon
MS-DOS through this emulator
Zimbra Desktop icon
Calendar, notes, e-mail, and much more
Unvanquished icon
The fight between humans and aliens has begun
Red Eclipse icon
Thrilling First Person Shooter... for free
HearthStone icon
Epic trading card duels with the Warcraft characters
Freeciv icon
Take over the world in this 2D turn-based strategy game
Ryujinx icon
A powerful Nintendo Switch emulator for Mac
AssaultCube icon
Multiplayer Online Shooter game for free
Open Sonic icon
A classic Sega remake with an open source
Silly Sammy: The Adventure (Demo) icon
Control Silly Sammy and make him recover his world
StepMania icon
A real arcade games machine to dance with your Mac
Boycott Advance icon
GameBoy Advance emuator for Mac
VDrift icon
Driving simulator featuring 5 circuits and 8 cars
X-Plane icon
Accurate reproduction of flying airplanes
Simutrans icon
Build your own transport company and make it profitable
World of Tanks icon
Thrilling tank battles
World of Warships icon
Intense battles at sea
Urban Terror icon
Quake 3 mod that has become an independent game
Marathon Infinity icon
The official end to the Marathon saga
Kepler452b icon
A traditional -but futuristic- rougelike
Marathon 2: Durandal icon
The Marathon saga continues
Marathon icon
You can still play this Bungie classic on your Mac
Art of Rally icon
A rally-racing game with gorgeous graphics
Ley Lines icon
Tons of action and platforms in a deadly pyramid
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