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ScummVM icon
Play classic graphical adventure games on Mac
SuperTuxKart icon
Kart racing starring Tux
Steam icon
Feel the power of a massive gaming experience
Goose Goose Duck icon
Watch out for the ducks, they're impostors!
Origin icon
Access Electronic Arts video games from this platform
OpenRA icon
Enjoy the classic Command and Conquer on Mac
Super Smash Flash 2 icon
A fun game inspired by Super Smash Bros.
Dolphin - Wii Emulator icon
Play Wii games on your Mac
melonDS icon
Quick Nintendo DS and 3DS emulator for Mac
0 A.D. icon
Build your own empire and conquer the rest
War Thunder icon
World War II becomes an MMO
Second Life icon
Start a new life online
Xonotic icon
Frenetic first-person action in pure Quake fashion
OpenTTD icon
Create the best transportation network possible
Sauerbraten icon
Cube sequel with new graphics engine
RetroArch icon
Emulate any console on Mac
FlightGear Flight Simulator icon
Open source flight simulator
BSNES icon
Super Nintendo emulator that doesn't let you save games
Lego Digital Designer icon
Construct Lego models on your Mac
DOSBox icon
MS-DOS through this emulator
Zimbra Desktop icon
Calendar, notes, e-mail, and much more
Redream icon
The best Dreamcast emulator for Mac
Terasology icon
Build your own world in this Minecraft-style game
Unvanquished icon
The fight between humans and aliens has begun