Bitmessage icon
P2P communication to encrypt your messages
SocialBro icon
All the information you can think of about your Twitter
TVShows icon
Be up to date about new torrents of chapters of your favourite TV series
FStream icon
Listen to the Radio on the Internet and record programs
Automatic icon
Download linked files from any RSS
Confide icon
Secure, encrypted messaging
Kast icon
Share your screen and chat with your friends live icon
An excellent app for remote meetings via audio or video
Uplet icon
Post directly to Instagram from your Mac
Mailbox icon
A stunningly simple and fluid Email client
Gramblr icon
Upload pictures to Instagram directly from your Mac
Willing Webcam icon
Broadcast online from your webcam
M2S icon
Talk with your friends no matter where you are
iSpQ VideoChat icon
Professional and simple videoconferencing
Kies icon
The definitive managment tool for Samsung phones
Trillian icon
MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ together: Now it's possible with Trillian
Mixero Desktop icon
Combine twitter and Facebook in your desktop
WengoPhone icon
A free alternative to Skype for phoning friends
TED icon
Download episodes of a whole bunch of TV shows
LiveStation icon
Television and radio stations from all over the world
Gizmo icon
VoIP calls based on open standards
TVU Player icon
The famous P2P TV broadcasting application, now on Mac
VOXOX icon
The most comprehensive communications tool out there
LogMeIn icon
Remote controle the computer of your choice
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