WhatsApp Desktop icon
Talk to all your WhatsApp contacts directly from your Mac
Zoom Cloud Meetings icon
Video calling and remote conferencing for Mac
Telegram for Desktop icon
Talk with all your Telegram contacts from your Mac
AnyDesk icon
Remotely access your devices
Skype icon
Make VoIP calls to any phone in the world
Viber icon
The desktop version of the popular VoIP service has arrived
Discord icon
The leading VoIP platform for online communities
Thunderbird icon
Safe, fast and free e-mail client by Firefox developers
Twitch icon
Follow your favorite streamers
BuzzBundle icon
Manage multiple accounts simultaneously across various social networks
eM Client icon
An excellent email client
Signal icon
Use Signal on your Mac
Vienna icon
A nice RSS and ATOM feed reader that uses templates
WeChat icon
Enjoy this well-known messaging app on your Mac
Mumble icon
Voice chat software, specially for gamers
DiskAid icon
What if you could use your iPhone as a common removable HD?
M2S icon
Talk with your friends no matter where you are
Kast icon
Share your screen and chat with your friends live
FStream icon
Listen to the Radio on the Internet and record programs
ICQ icon
One of the pioneering programs in instant messaging
TV-Browser icon
All info about TV programs clearly and understandable shown
Mailspring icon
A comfortable, simple and comprehensive email client
Confide icon
Secure, encrypted messaging
Lark icon
A comprehensive tool for working remotely
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