Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure icon
Create a great team and go to battle
Sdorica -sunset- icon
An incredible role game with a magical setting
Dungeon and Heroes icon
Explore, build, and fight against your enemies
Lordmancer II icon
A Heroes of Might and Magic style game for Android
Zgirls II-Last One icon
Survive a zombie apocalypse in an enormous world
Mystera Legacy icon
An MMORPG with a retro look
AION: Legions of War icon
Recruit the ultimate elite squad
Homeless Demon icon
You'll be a naughty devil in this RPG
Portal Worlds icon
An enormous multiplayer world of portals
Vĩ Thú Chiến icon
Confront your opponents with dolls inspired by anime
Flying Girl Runner. icon
Help this girl get to the castle by flying
Hammer icon
Advance through this incredible 2D JPRG
Another essential MMORPG for your smartphone
Phantom of the Kill icon
Turn-based strategy and role-playing in a post-apocalyptic world
School Clicker icon
Collect pets and tap crabby teachers for coins
Dragon Quest Monsters SL icon
Collect and fight against Dragon Quest monsters
Little Alchemist icon
A crazy trading card game
Adventure Xpress icon
What time is it? Time to ... play with runes!
Dungeon Gems icon
A mix of role-playing and puzzles full of dragons, magic and fantasy
Order and Chaos Duels icon
Card duels in the universe of Order and Chaos
Star Wars Force Collection icon
Card-collection and strategy, Star Wars style
League of Heroes icon
Heroic adventures in a fantasy world
Fairy Awaken icon
Feel the magic in this MMORPG
Metal Slug: Commander icon
A classic arcade game for your smartphone
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