Golden Knights Universe icon
Exciting battles between dozens of heroes
Ash of Gods: Tactics icon
The world of Termium is on the brink of war
Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate icon
Defend the fate of Planet Earth as we know it
Vagary icon
A MOBA that's full of possibilities
Armored God icon
Conquer the Dark Kingdom with the help of your friends
Dark Domain icon
Step into the dark territory
Gunspell 2 icon
Return to the world of supernatural creatures, role-playing and puzzle
Anthem of Heroes icon
Don't let the Old Dominators control the universe
LYN: The Lightbringer icon
Collect each hero and claw your way to the throne
Blank City icon
The watchmen from the afterlife in a sword fight against evil
Quest Town Saga icon
Battle monsters and build a prosperous town
Miracle M icon
Kill off your adversaries to become a powerful lord
ChaosMasters icon
Defeat huge monsters of chaos with this turn-based RPG
Knights of the Card Table icon
Fun battles and adventures with cards
Soul Seeker: Six Knights icon
Join the Sixth Order and save Hermes
IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga (JP) icon
An excellent RPG set in the Phantasy Star universe
Snack World Versus icon
The Snack World saga for Android
Heroes of Alterant icon
Combine your moves and get rid of your enemy
Grancrest War: QuartetConflict icon
A spectacular 3D action JRPG
Bravely Archive icon
The Bravely saga from Square-Enix, now on Android
Legends at War! icon
Conquer the world with your fantasy army
Alpha Squad 5 icon
Take charge of a motley crew of renegades
Invictus Heroes icon
Combat evil with the power of Invictus
Royal Booty Quest: Card Roguelike icon
'Roguelike' with a card combat system
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