God and Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle icon
A puzzle game to strengthen your faith
Minesweeper King icon
A popular game where an explosion can await you behind any square
CrossCraze Free icon
Spend the afternoon forming words on this board
Forgotten Treasure 2 icon
A fun-filled match-3 unlike any other
Sudoku Quest icon
The famous numbers game full of eye-catching colors
Word Search Ultimate icon
Trying to find words in this game is so much fun!
Drawtopia - Physics Puzzles icon
Solve puzzles by drawing the answer
Anipang icon
A match 3 for challenging your friends
Escape 3D icon
Dozens of scenarios you'll need ingenuity to escape from
WindGURU11 icon
If you windsurf or kitesurf, then you NEED this weather forecast app!
Crafty Candy icon
Cast some sweet spells in this candy combination game
Sudoku World icon
Practice Sudoku with lots of different grids
AniSachun icon
Interesting games from KakaoTalk brought to you by this little pig
Anipang2 icon
A super fun minigame central with Match 3, slots, etc...!
Light House icon
Light up the light houses using your logic
LINE Pokopang icon
Join the blocks in this game from LINE
Puchi Puchi Pop: Puzzle Game icon
Non-stop Puchi popping action
Millionaire 2015 icon
A question, four possible answers, and lots of money on the line
Easter Games icon
A pack of Easter-themed games for kids
Blendoku 2 icon
Play with colors and organize them
Marble Duel icon
Marble duels in the Kingdom of Magic
Merged! icon
Combine blocks and reach the highest scores
Crossword Shop icon
The perfect app to help you kill time when you need it most
Moron Test: Section 1 icon
Challenging puzzles to test your mental capacity
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