1010 Puzzle icon
Line up the blocks in this fun game
BoredButton icon
Tons of games in just one app
Puzzledom icon
Tons of puzzle games in one app
Lotto icon
Win lots of money in this lottery game
Memory Matching Game icon
Improve your memory with this game
PepeLine Adventures icon
Pepe and Line are back for more magical fairy adventures
Tic Tac Toe Colors icon
An adaptation of the three-in-a-row classic
Flow Free: Warps icon
Join up bright lines on a board
Dragons & Diamonds icon
Rile up the wildest (and best) team of hunters in the realm
Beverage Grocery Store icon
A drink with a surprise inside
A Comet's Journey icon
Trace satellite journeys around the planets
Aquavias icon
A beautiful puzzle game featuring aqueducts
Make Hexa Puzzle icon
A hexagonal shape shifting puzzle to put your thinking cap on
yellow icon
An original puzzle game
KlimBo Color Lines icon
A more modern version of this classic game
Age of 2048 icon
The classic 2048 revamped
SliderMania Women icon
Solve the puzzles and put the picture of a woman together
SliderMania Men icon
Put together difficult puzzles with masculine themes
SliderMania Wonders icon
Put the image together and enjoy this incredible puzzle game
SliderMania Animals icon
Solve puzzles with little animals
DaringEscape icon
Escape using your logic and deduction skills
Which is the real logo? icon
Can you match the images to the correct logo?
Alien Path icon
An inventive RPG in the form of a puzzle
Rube's Lab icon
Solve puzzles with the help of physics and outrageous contraptions
Color Neighbors icon
Put your skills to the test with this colorful Tetris-style game
Dots game: free fun brain game icon
Try to connect all the dots in this challenging puzzle game
Tangram Master icon
Play with geometric shapes to make other shapes
Lingo! icon
A classic word game you can play with friends
Matching Madness - Fruits icon
The best game where you match up fruit
Maze Dungeon icon
Find your way out of a dark maze
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