Other Tools

QR code-scanner & generator icon
Scan any QR code with this app
Anti mouse repeller icon
Keep mice from coming near you
Star Fleet Trycorder icon
Carry out entertaining space missions
CF_TOCH icon
Your Android smartphone as a flashlight
Dk Player icon
Listen to music and watch the best movies online
QR Code Scanner icon
Create and scan QR codes
AstroMojo icon
Tons of information about space
Sim Info icon
Extract information from your SIM card
Music Player icon
Download songs as MP3s to your smartphone
QR | Barcode Scanner and Generator icon
Access the info contained in any QR code
SMath Tools icon
A base converter for Android
Barcode_Scanner icon
Scan QR codes and barcodes with your smartphone
Flashlight 2019 icon
Instantly turn your device into a bright flashlight
Flash Blinking on Call and SMS icon
Turn your flash into a call alert
ShareWith icon
Transfer files between your PC and smartphone
Photo Editor icon
Excellent tool for editing your images
Calculator icon
Simple calculator for Android
Flashlight (AS) icon
Turn your Android device into a portable flashlight
IG plus icon
Discover all the services IG Plus has to offer
Formasgeometricas icon
Calculate areas and perimeters with commands
3G 4G Network Optimizer Pro (NetOpt) icon
This app tunes system configuration files to improve your connection
BlueJay icon
Control a turntable with your Android device
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