Toca Life: World icon
Live a rich virtual life in this adorable little town
My Town: Home Dollhouse icon
A fun dollhouse full of activities
Baby Panda’s School Bus icon
Learn while having fun alongside a young panda
Lisa's Music Band icon
A music band on your Samsung
Stories World™ Travels icon
Create your own stories by traveling the world
Kids House icon
Adapt your Samsung interface to kids
Bobby'snCanvas icon
Have fun drawing with your Samsung
Cooking Mama: Let's cook! icon
Help Mom cook the most delicious recipes
Furby BOOM! icon
The best way to play with your Furby
Pepi Hospital icon
A hospital in which to play and have fun
Typing Practice icon
Pop balloons and refine your aim
Butterfly - Insect World icon
Beautiful butterflies for children
How Many Squirrels icon
Learn about animals and numbers
Learning Transportation icon
Learn all about various modes of transportation
Learning Fruits icon
One apple, two apples, three apples...
Learning Clothes icon
Learn all about clothing!
Gather Fruit icon
Have fun gathering all the fruit!
Coloring and Learn icon
Draw, color, and have fun with this app
Learning Sports Goods icon
The best sports for children
Learning Vegetables icon
Play with vegetables and learn about them
Baby Panda's Supermarket icon
Help a baby panda and his mom go shopping
Vídeos Peppa Pig icon
Enjoy Peppa Pig on your Android
My Town Hotel icon
Create your own settings in this hotel
Baby Panda World icon
Have fun playing with adorable desserts or designing princess dresses
Learning Animals icon
Animals for all!
My Town: Discovery icon
A quaint little town to live the life of your dreams in
Little Pianist icon
Piano for children
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