Music Box Free icon
An excellent educational game full of fairy tales
Geography Master - Capitals icon
Are you good at geography? Test yourself on capitals
Professions 2 icon
An educational game where you learn about different jobs!
vocales icon
An educational game for preschoolers
Learn Clock FREE icon
A fun way to learn how to tell the time
Kids Preschool Numbers and Math icon
Basic math for kids
Playtime icon
Time for these games for children!
My Ice Cream icon
Irresistible flavors and textures in this game of desserts
babyphone icon
A telephone keypad for kids with lots of games, music, and numbers
Paint Easy icon
A blank canvas on which you can paint freely!
Logic Free icon
Games for kids that test logic and spatial intelligence
Japanese Hiragana Alphabet Handwriting icon
Learn syllabic Japanese symbols with this tool
Peg Puzzle icon
Cute animated characters and nice sounds in these puzzles
Kids Coloring icon
Let your kids bring these coloring vignettes to life
PowerVocab icon
A collection of minigames about vocabulary and words
GameKids2 Free icon
Let your kids learn with this collection of games
Kids Animals Lite icon
A great educational game to teach kids animal sounds
Kids Finger Painting Coloring icon
Let your kids paint on the screen with their hands
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