Battery Circle icon
Your battery life shown in a circle
TaskControl icon
Schedule and manage tasks efficiently on your smartphone
Smart Wifi Scanner icon
Improve your relationship with your WiFi connection
aScreenshot icon
Take screenshots with your device
Rings Extended icon
Replace those boring ringtones on your phone once and for all
Find My Phone Security icon
Tool that helps you find your phone if it gets lost or stolen
Moon icon
Keep an eye on the moon at all times
FTPServer icon
Transfer your files via FTP
Internet OnOff Free icon
Save your battery with an Internet switch
DMSatFinder icon
Optimize your satellite dish with this app
FlipClock NiceAll Pink Widget icon
Your clock widget looks even better in pink
Alarmclock Mum icon
Because your mom's always the best at waking you up
Permission Friendly Apps icon
Check the apps on your device and find out how dangerous they are
Auto Call Recorder icon
Now you can record your deep conversations
Arabic Text Reader icon
Easily read texts written in Arabic
Baby Soother icon
Relaxing sounds and music that'll put your baby right to sleep
Vibrate then Ring with Flash icon
Your notifications will create an explosion of light and sound
Sense Analog Small Glass 4x1 icon
Keep an eye on the weather and time with this app
Baby Care Hospital & Dress up icon
Take good care of these adorable little newborns
Milijonar Slovenija icon
Play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in Slovenian
Volume Widget icon
Control your device's volume without using a tedious menu
SFR WiFi icon
Secure management for SGR WiFi
Gentle Alarm Widget icon
Wake up like a king
Tuning Fork icon
Set tone, frequency, form and manage the sound to your liking
Consumo Datos Internet icon
Manage your 3G data on your smartphone
Total Memory Cleaner Free icon
Clean up your smartphone and see all the memory you get back
Where Am I? icon
Detailed information about where you're at so you don't get lost
Picture Password Lockscreen icon
Unlock your smartphone like an artist
Quick Profiles icon
Create your own custom profiles for your phone
Calling Number Search icon
Find out who calls you
Kia Launcher icon
The best mobile browsing experience you can find
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