TypingMaster icon
Learn typing with this personal teacher
Tux Typing icon
Learn typing playing with Tux
RapidTyping icon
Improve your typing skills
TypeFaster icon
Type faster and better than ever
Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor icon
Learn touch typing with this personal teacher
Free Virtual Keyboard icon
A virtual keyboard to use on the screen
Typing Test TQ icon
How fast can you type? Try yourself
Virtual Keyboard icon
Virtual keyboard for your desktop
SAKURA Editor icon
A full-featured Japanese text editor
Typing assistant icon
Increase your typing speed and avoid spelling errors
GNU Gtypist icon
Learn how to type with this text mode program
Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor icon
Learn typing with the help of a viking
GNU Typing Master icon
Useful and free application to learn typing
Mecamatic icon
Maximize your typing speed on your PC
Joplin icon
Easily take notes on your PC
Keyboard Explorer icon
Learn how to use all the functions on your keyboard
Pandactilo icon
Learn to type without looking at the keyboard with this colorful game
TypeMate icon
Type faster and in better conditions
SES Type icon
Powerful typing tuition course
Typing Invaders icon
Learn typing by playing Space Invaders
Noteee icon
Noteee a todo application for your office
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