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Download emulators software for Windows for free

melonDS icon
A fast and easy Nintendo DS and 3DS emulator
BizHawk icon
A multi-system emulator designed for speedrunners
Snes9x icon
Enjoy all the Super Nintendo classics in Windows
Plarium Play Launcher icon
Enjoy all the games from Plarium on your PC
FCEUX icon
One of the most comprehensive NES emulators you can find
1964 N64 Emulator icon
Enjoy the oldie Nintendo64 with this emulator
MAME Classic icon
A graphic interface for the MAME emulator
Visualboy Advance icon
An emulator for almost all Nintendo handheld consoles
fpPS4 icon
A functional PlayStation 4 emulator
shadPS4 icon
Functional PS4 emulator written in C++
Hakchi2 CE icon
The best tool for installing games on Super Nintendo Mini
Mame Plus icon
How many MAME games can you play?
Play! icon
The easiest-to-use PlayStation 2 emulator
Kega Fusion icon
Emulate almost all classic SEGA consoles
NullDC icon
Powerful Dreamcast emulator
MagiskOnWSA icon
Enjoy native Android on Windows with root
EmulationStation icon
A good looking front end for your classic emulators
DOSBox icon
The best way to play MS-DOS games on modern PCs
FB Alpha icon
Barry Harris
Chiaki icon
Play your PS4 or PS5 remotely
WinKawaks icon
Powerful emulator for NeoGeo, CPS1 and CPS2 boards
Locale Emulator icon
VBA-M icon
Emulator for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games
Cxbx-Reloaded icon
A powerful Xbox emulator for Windows
Panda3DS icon
A powerful Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC
Redream icon
The best Dreamcast emulator for Windows
Nestopia icon
NES emulator that lets you play online
Rosalie's Mupen GUI icon
A powerful and simple Nintendo 64 emulator
Dxbx icon
DxBx Team
Mesen icon
A complete emulator for NES, SNES, Game Boy, and PC Engine
fpPS4 Temmie's Launcher icon
The most convenient way to emulate PS4
Flashpoint Infinity icon
Play all the classic Flash games
Erockus Arcade icon
Eric Richards
mGBA icon
A powerful and versatile Game Boy Advance emulator
Gens icon
Go back to your childhood with this Megadrive emulator
Mednafen icon
A powerful but simple multi-system emulator
Model 2 Emulator icon
Emulate legendary Sega 3D arcade machines
Citra-Enhanced icon
An improved version of the best Nintendo 3DS emulator
NoxPlayer Beta icon
Emulate the latest version of Android on your PC
iDeaS icon
Nintendo DS emulator featuring both two screens
Skraper icon
The best retro gaming experience on your PC
PCSX-Redux icon
Callus icon
Emulator of the arcade games of Capcom
Steam ROM Manager icon
Add games in bulk to Steam
Flycast Dojo icon
A Flycast fork with multiplayer options
DEmul icon
DreamCast, NAOMI and Atomiswave systems emulator
BigPEmu icon
Atari Jaguar emulator compatible with the entire Atari Jaguar catalog
WinUAE icon
An emulator for various models of Commodre Amiga
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