Text & Documents

Kindle icon
Read Amazon Kindle books on your Mac
celtx icon
Administrative solution for audiovisual pre-production
FocusWriter icon
Write without any distractions
OpenOffice icon
The finally native, open-source, quintessential productivity suite
LibreOffice icon
One of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office
Mendeley icon
Manage your research materials with this social network
Sublime Text 2 icon
All you need in a text editor
jPDFWeb icon
jPDFWeb is a Java library to convert PDF documents to SVG / HTML5.
AbiWord icon
Useful text edition tool compatible with the rest of Office suites
OOo4Kids icon
OpenOffice version optimized for kids
Onlyoffice icon
Work with all kinds of documents in one place
Sigil icon
Edit eBooks quickly and easily
jPDFSecure icon
jPDFSecure is a Java library that can digitally sign PDF documents.
jPDFPreflight icon
jPDFPreflight is a Java library to verify PDF compliance
jPDFImages icon
jPDFImages is a Java library to export images from PDF files.
jPDFFields icon
jPDFFields is a Java library to work with interactive PDF forms
jPDFAssemble icon
jPDFAssemble is a Java library to assemble PDF files.
jPDF Process icon
jPDFProcess is a Java library to create and manipulate with PDF
jPDF Optimizer icon
jPDFOptimizer is a Java library to optimize and reduce the size of PDF
PDFMate PDF Converter icon
An excellent PDF converter for Mac
Simplenote icon
The easiest way to create any type of note
OpenSong icon
A very useful text projector for public events
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC icon
The most popular PDF reader out there
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