Macs Fan Control icon
Take control over your Mac's system fans
DiskMaker X icon
Get a copy of OS X Yosemite on a USB drive
UNetbootin icon
Install a Linux distribution on a USB or other partition
BootChamp icon
Restart your Mac and directly access Windows
rEFIt icon
Startup and maintenance menu for Intel chipset powered Macs
iTerm icon
Terminal emulator developed in Cocoa
Magican icon
Clean and optimize your Mac with just one click
ReiBoot for Mac icon
The solution for all your iOs problems
Disk Drill Data Recovery icon
Recover any deleted or damaged file
Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Mac icon
Clean your iPhone and protect your privacy
Memory Cleaner X icon
An excellent program to clear the memory on your Mac
Network Inventory Advisor icon
Gather data on your local network's software and hardware
AppleXsoft Mac File Recovery icon
Restore any accidentally deleted files
Synergy icon
Control different computer using only one mouse and keyboard
Xslimmer icon
Reduce the size of your applications
Alfred 4 icon
Create shortcuts and be more productive
Any Data Recovery for Mac icon
Recover any file with this program – and we do mean any!
Music Cleanup for Mac icon
Organize your music files in Mac
iCareFone Cleaner for Mac icon
Keep your Apple products running well as long as possible
Recoverit Free for Mac icon
Restore any accidentally deleted files
App Uninstaller icon
An excellent program to manage the apps on your Mac
AnyTrans icon
Manage all the media content on your iPhone with your Mac
Air Printer icon
Create an access point between your printer and your iOS device
LaunchControl icon
Create, manage and debug launchd services
Unified Remote icon
Control your Mac with your phone
Type icon
Create your own fonts or customize the ones you already know
Launchy icon
Launch any application just by typing its name
Screenhero icon
Share your desktop with other users without it slowing down