Science & more

Avogadro icon
A molecular editor for generating interactive 3D models
Tux of Math Command icon
Practice your math skills with Tux
Freeplane icon
Design mind maps with all kinds of possibilities
Stellarium icon
Explore the stars from your desktop
Scilab icon
Programming language for advanced numerical computation
Graphmatica icon
A simple way of drawing equations
GeoGebra icon
Tool for studying geometry, algebra and calculus.
Phun icon
A funny physics simulator, also for Mac
SpeedCrunch icon
A high-precision scientific calculator
World of Where icon
An educational application to test your political geography knowledge
Math Stars Plus icon
Math competitions for little kids
Celestia icon
Discover the secrets of the universe with this planetarium
SpaceTime icon
Solve complex mathematical operations and create graphs
Phet icon
Check out a fun way to learn physics and chemistry