RPG & Strategy

0 A.D. icon
Build your own empire and conquer the rest
Unreal World icon
Try to survive in this cold and dangerous world
Angband icon
Play one of the original roguelikes
League of Legends icon
Play one of the world's most popular MOBAs
Age of Empires III icon
Explore the New World in the new release of AOE
fheroes2 icon
A free, open-source version of the legendary HoMM2
World of Tanks icon
Thrilling tank battles
Iter Vehemens ad Necem: IVAN icon
Death lurks around every corner
Dwarf Fortress icon
The most ambitious game ever
Freecol icon
Take over new lands with your colonial empire
Kepler452b icon
A traditional -but futuristic- rougelike
ADOM: Ancient Domains of Mystery icon
Save the world of Ancardia... if you can survive yourself
OpenClonk icon
Shape your own two-dimensional world
Inmortal Souls - John Turner icon
Be a vampire fighting to his humanity
Monster 2 icon
An old school-style RPG
World of Dragons icon
Epic battles and strategy in this amazing MMORPG
Vendetta Online icon
Play an interstellar pilot in this space-based MMORPG
Wormux icon
Battle teams from different free software projects
Revenge of the Titans icon
Defend your planet against invaders
OpenTTD icon
Create the best transportation network possible
Game Dev Tycoon icon
Take your very own video game company to the top
Northmark: Hour of the Wolf icon
Card and role-playing combats in a fantasy world
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