RPG & Strategy

Summertime Saga icon
A fun summertime adventure
Age of Empires III icon
Explore the New World in the new release of AOE
League of Legends icon
Play one of the world's most popular MOBAs
Brogue icon
One of the best roguelikes for Mac
The Battle for Wesnoth icon
Turn-based strategy set in a fantasy world
OpenTTD icon
Create the best transportation network possible
ADOM: Ancient Domains of Mystery icon
Save the world of Ancardia... if you can survive yourself
Diablo III icon
Take on the lord of hell on your MAC
Kepler452b icon
A traditional -but futuristic- rougelike
World of Tanks icon
Thrilling tank battles
Verdant Village icon
Experience the tranquility of life in a medieval village
Unreal World icon
Try to survive in this cold and dangerous world
OpenClonk icon
Shape your own two-dimensional world
HearthStone icon
Epic trading card duels with the Warcraft characters