Media Players

Miam Player icon
Organize and play your entire music collection
Total Video Player icon
Play your whole video collection in any format
HUPlayer icon
Play all your videos regardless of their format
OnAir Player icon
Access your music library from any device
MiniPlayer icon
Manage the music you listen to with this mini player
CloudDeck icon
Play SoundCloud music without opening your browser
Mielophone icon
Stream your favorite music
aTunes icon
Play and manage your whole MP3 collection
Banshee icon
A multimedia player for audio and video
UMPlayer icon
Media player featuring dozens of additional functions
mSpot icon
Listen to your favorite music anywhere
pulpTunes icon
Listen to your iTunes playlist anywhere
Clementine icon
An easy and light way to play and organize your music
Play icon
A lightweight audio player that supports multiple formats
VLC RAR-Loader icon
Use VLC Player to watch films that are compressed in RAR
MPlayer icon
Free Software to play lots of media formats
VOX icon
Small audio player that supports a ton of formats
MacVideoTunes icon
Multimedia player for all kind of media, even pictures
Miro icon
A multimedia player and Internet TV all in one app
PS3 Media Server icon
Access multimedia content stored on your PC from your PS3 or XBOX 360
Strawberry Music Player icon
Organize and play music on your Mac
onlineTV icon
Enjoy TV and radio on your Mac
SMPlayer icon
Play any audio format without downloading codecs
Amazon Music icon
Enjoy all your music on your Mac
Boom 3D Mac icon
Converts your normal computer into a 3D surround home theatre
Easy Spotify Music Converter icon
Download any song on Spotify to your Mac
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