Collection & genealogy

Coollector icon
Organize and catalogue your films with minimum hassle
Gramps icon
Make a family tree and discover your ancestry
Griffith icon
Finally, you'll get to organize your movie collection!
Book Collector icon
Organize and classify your book collection
Jabref icon
A software for managing references in bibliographies
Book Hunter icon
Organize and catalog your book collection
Game Hunter icon
Organize your game collection
YummySoup icon
Kitchen recipes organizer with online library
Home Inventory icon
Make an inventory of all your possessions
GamePedia icon
Game organizer with an adapted database
Bookpedia icon
Personal library management compatible with Apple Remote
Yum icon
Practical recipe organizer
DVD Hunter icon
Organize your movie collection with this free cataloger
ohmiGene icon
Fantastic tool for generating family trees
MacFamilyTree icon
Great tool to study your family's gene pool