Action & Adventures

Minecraft icon
Build and create, your imagination is the only limit
Super Smash Flash 2 icon
A fun game inspired by Super Smash Bros.
Mari0 icon
Mario and Portal, a perfect mix
Rules of Survival icon
A fun battle royale for up to 120 players
Counter Strike icon
2D version of the classic Counter Strike
World of Warships icon
Intense battles at sea
Lego Indiana Jones icon
The first three Indiana Jones movies with Lego characters
Marvel Heroes icon
All the Marvel heroes united to fight evil
War Thunder icon
World War II becomes an MMO
Tomb Raider Anniversary icon
Lara Croft is back. Celebrate it!
Open Sonic icon
A classic Sega remake with an open source
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory icon
Revive the bloodiest battles of World War II
Outer Wilds icon
Space exploration through a drifting universe
Knives Out icon
One of the funnest Battle Royale games out there