Writing & Notes

abDocs icon
Sync and manage your Office documents
Moment Diary icon
Write and draw in a private, personal diary
Clipboard Contents icon
An improved clipboard for your cellphone
Markor icon
A open source note taking app that's packed with features
Jota+ icon
A text editor with a wide range of features
Death Note icon
Sinister way to do someone in, but be careful what you wish for
Secret Diary icon
Keep your diary safe with this app
Skitch icon
Take notes on any kind of document
Notes by Firefox icon
Official Mozilla notes app
Simple Notepad icon
An easy-to-use notepad with advanced features
Note Everything icon
Did you take notes?
Astrid icon
A complete task list for your smartphone
Note list icon
Keep all your tasks and events in this notes app icon
Manage your e-Boks user profile
ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer icon
Open any document on your Android device
Note To Do. Widget icon
Your agenda for tomorrow, the next day, and the day after
920 Text Editor icon
Powerful, lightweight text editor
Springpad icon
Organize, save and share what really matters
Scarlet Notes icon
Handy sticky notes so you won't forget a thing
Accomplish: To-Do list reborn icon
A calendar that helps you remember all your dates
Catch Notes icon
Want to take notes on your Android device?
aNdClip Free icon
A handy clipboard for Android
Orgzly icon
A note-taking app that's packed with features
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