Tactical RPG

Here're our top best Tactical RPG games for Android
Brave Nine icon
Turn-based strategy in a medieval fantasy world
Ash of Gods: Tactics icon
The world of Termium is on the brink of war
Ragnarok Tactics icon
The world of Ragnarok Online is packed with strategy
The King of Fighters: Tactics icon
The King of Fighters saga as a strategy game
Langrisser Mobile icon
The classic SRPG saga is back
Man Or Vampire icon
Tactical RPG in a world full of darkness
War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius icon
Tactical battles in the world of Final Fantasy
Arknights icon
Stop the spread of a deadly virus
The Alchemist Code icon
JRPGs have a new king on Android
Dragon Quest Tact icon
Join forces with the monsters from Dragon Quest
Mercenaries Saga 2 icon
Final Fantasy Tactics–style strategy and roleplay
Artery Gear: Fusion (JP) icon
Fight with these heroes of the future
Flame Dragon Knights icon
Fantastic Fire Emblem-style SRPG
Reverse: 1999 icon
Explore and collect characters in this new world
Revelation Paradox icon
Combine the protagonists with their pets to win the game
Chrono Clash icon
Become the leader of a mob of mercenaries
Master of Eternity icon
An SRPG with giant robots and anime girls
Grimguard Tactics: End of Legends icon
An SRPG set in a grim world of dark fantasy
Fantasy War Tactics icon
An anime-style SRPG with console-level quality
Azedeem icon
A tactical RPG that's similar to Heroes of Might and Magic
Traitors Empire icon
A tactical RPG set in a medieval fantasy world
Game Of Fantasy icon
A magical world full of strategy for all ages!
Rivengard icon
A fun, frenetic turn-based RPG
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