Usher icon
Keep a record of your passwords to access systems and actual doors
Mobile OCR icon
Scan text documents with this OCR scanner
Tampermonkey Dolphin icon
Install and use userscripts on your browser
Android for Work App icon
Separate your work and leisure files in your Android
Memento icon
Manage a database without breaking a sweat
Fitness Time icon
Find the nearest fitness center to you
Overlays icon
Layer apps and widgets for better multi-tasking
Checklist icon
Organize your life and personal tasks with this list
Better Diary icon
The best place for jotting down notes
Lamudi icon
These detailed searches will help you find the house of your dreams
LinkedIn Students icon
Get some help as you face your job search
Quick Note icon
Small and customizable post-its
Backup Contacts icon
Keep your contacts saved in an eternal backup copy
Stock Market icon
Follow the evolution of one of the most important stock markets
Spending Tracker icon
Manage your expenses and stick to your budget
Assistant icon
A virtual secretary that really works
Reaction Time Test icon
Reaction Time Test – How fast can you react?
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