Forest: Stay Focused icon
Stop looking at your smartphone all the time
Copy - Text On Screen icon
A fantastic tool for copying and pasting
PushBullet icon
Exchange information between your PC and your smartphone
Mobile Topographer icon
A must-have tool for professional topography
dubizzle icon
Sell your stuff online
ClevCalc icon
A calculator for doing absolutely everything
All-In-One Calculator icon
Complete all-in-one calculator
Patreon icon
The official Patreon app
DocuSign Ink-Sign icon
Use your device to sign any kind of document
LastPass Password Manager icon
The best way to manage your passwords
ai.type Emoji Keyboard icon
Configure and customize your keyboard to your liking
Anything to PiP icon
View content in a floating window
Mendeley icon
A reader and comment annotator for your PDFs
Freelancer icon
Find freelancing jobs with this search engine
Text Scanner icon
Turn any physical document into a PDF
Lag Switch icon
Regulate your Internet connection lag
EskomSePush icon
Check the weather in South Africa
Link to Windows Service icon
Use your Galaxy on Windows without taking your smartphone out of your pocket
pCloud icon
Save all your files and access them no matter where you are
Speaking Clock icon
Hear the time spoken aloud in Bengali
CallsBOX icon
Record and log calls from your smartphone
PDF Creator icon
A PDF creator with dozens of features
App Share/Send Pro icon
Share or uninstall multiple apps with just a tap
Office Editor icon
Edit your Office documents with ease
Mobile Scanner icon
Easily scan PDF documents from your Android
Bitwarden icon
Store all your passwords in the same app
(OFFTIME) icon
Disconnect for a bit
Carlcare icon
Get screen insurance for your Android device
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