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Meditation Apps

Discover the best of Meditation Apps for Android. Download them for free and virus free from Uptodown
1. Insight Timer icon
Insight Timer is a meditation app that helps you ... well, meditate. If you already know something about meditation, the app can help you practice...
93.3 k downloads
2. Headspace icon
Headspace is a meditation and relaxation app that aims to help you live a healthier and happier life. To do so, you just need to...
184.2 k downloads
3. Stop, Breathe & Think icon
Stop, Breathe & Think is a meditation and mindfulness app aimed at both experienced and novice users. As its name suggests, the aim aim of...
17.2 k downloads
4. BetterSleep icon
BetterSleep is an app that lets you create combinations of more than 40 types of different sounds to add atmosphere to any situation. Users of BetterSleep...
70.9 k downloads
5. Calm icon
Calm is an app with all the tools necessary to help you relax, live peacefully, sleep better, or learn to meditate. In short, it's an...
218.2 k downloads
6. The Meditation App icon
We live in a society where the rhythm of our day-to-day is increasingly higher by the minute. That’s why it is so important to dedicate...
67.7 k downloads
7. Medita con Petit BamBou icon
Medita con Petit BamBou is an app that aims to help you decrease your levels of stress and anxiety through mindfulness. This app has a...
38 k downloads
8. Zen Meditation icon
Zen Meditation is a meditation app that you can use to leave your negative thoughts behind and calm your mind. Take a few minutes of...
9. Zen Lounge icon
With the app Zen Lounge, you can enjoy meditation and relaxation exercises right from your smartphone. Simply mix relaxing sounds on this app's easy-to-use interface...
3.1 k downloads
10. Relax Rain icon
Whether for meditation, sleeping, role-playing or concentrating in general, many people find rain to be the perfect white background sound they need. If you are...
26.4 k downloads

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Medito for Mindfulness, Meditation and Sleep
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House Of Being
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Meditation Oasis
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Boost mental health: meditation, sleep music, and mood tracking app
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Authentic Vedic meditation app with guided sessions and sacred sounds
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Relaxing sounds and bedtime stories for children
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Olson Meditation and Mindfulness Apps
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An extensive collection of relaxing ambient sounds
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Steve Kahan
Waking Up: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness icon
Everything you need for guided meditation
Atom: Build a habit of meditation icon
Atom - Being Present
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An excellent guided meditation app
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An extraordinary app to set the mood for whatever you need to do
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A completely personalized meditation app
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Deepen your meditation with these sounds
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Tons of different relaxing sounds
Medigong icon
A simple gong timer for practicing meditation
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Relax a little bit every day
Meditation And Relax Radio icon
Enjoy from the best relaxation and meditation radio
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Radio stations to meditate with
Relaxing Music: Yoga, Sleep, Meditation, Relax icon
A collection of relaxing sounds you can keep in your pocket
Lojong icon
Say goodbye to stress and anxiety
Deep Meditate icon
Deep Meditate, Inc
Pura Mente icon
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Cosmic Vibrations
Clementine icon
An aid for making your day-to-day problems better
Relax - Meet your future icon
Meditate and visualize different life stages
Gaia icon
Your health and wellness guide
Zen by deezer icon
Deezer Music
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A meditation guide to give you peace of mind
Aware - Mindfulness Meditation icon
Feel at peace with these meditation techniques
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Dozens of guided meditation sessions on your Android
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Loona Inc
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