Horror Games

Evil Nun icon
Survive and escape from the clutches of an evil nun
Ice Scream icon
Save Charlie from the evil ice cream man!
Eyes - the horror game icon
Horror in each corner of your cellphone
Five Nights at Freddy's icon
Can you survive a single night at Freddy's?
Ice Scream 5 Friends icon
Escape from the sinister ice cream factory
Identity V icon
Four survivors and one monster. Who will win?
Ice Scream 2 icon
The evil ice cream man is back on the streets
Horrorfield icon
Online team-based action horror
Ice Scream 3 icon
The third installment in this terrifying saga
Bigfoot Monster Hunter icon
Go head to head against Bigfoot
Siren Head Field icon
Can you solve all the puzzles in this terrifying game?
Horror Hospital II icon
Explore an abandoned hospital ... if you dare
CASE: Animatronics icon
A horrific adventure in the first person
Death Park icon
Run away from this horrific clown
Horror Hospital icon
No doctor can save you in this terrifying haunted hospital
Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital icon
Immerse yourself in a nightmare hospital
IT Horror Clown icon
Escape from Pennywise in this terrifying house
Slendytubbies 2D icon
You'll never look at these little cuties the same way again
HeadHorse icon
Escape from the house before the HeadHorse finds you
Evil Nun Maze icon
Don't get caught by the nun with the sledgehammer
SCP - Containment Breach icon
Escape the SCP Foundation... If you can
Horror Forest 3 icon
Defeat the zombies and explore this open world
Granny icon
Escape in five days ... or else
Horror Hospital III icon
See if you can escape the horrifying hospital
DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror icon
A different kind of horror story
HopBound icon
A horror story merged with a platformer
Granny 3 icon
Escape from the house before your time runs out
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