Evil Nun icon
Survive and escape from the clutches of an evil nun
Ice Scream icon
Save Charlie from the evil ice cream man!
Eyes - the horror game icon
Horror in each corner of your cellphone
The Twins icon
Escape from evil twins
Five Nights at Freddy's icon
Can you survive a single night at Freddy's?
Identity V icon
Four survivors and one monster. Who will win?
Horrorfield icon
Online team-based action horror
Scary Neighbor 3D icon
Make life hard for your terrifying neighbor
Death Park icon
Run away from this horrific clown
Death Park 2 icon
This terrifying clown will never give up
Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle icon
Fun, challenging, and deadly puzzles
Baldi's Basics Classic icon
A Baldi game for Android
Plants Vs Zombies 2 icon
The most enjoyable zombies return to Android
Scary Teacher 3D icon
Escape the terrifying teacher!
Granny icon
Escape in five days ... or else
Specimen Zero icon
Escape from this sinister place
Monster Farm: Happy Halloween Game & Ghost Village icon
Put together your own frightful farm
The Baby In Yellow icon
The same evil baby, now on your smartphone
Granny: Chapter Two icon
This time Granny isn’t alone
Dead by Daylight icon
Death is not the only way out
Horror Brawl icon
A totally terrifying battle royale
Evil Nun 2 icon
The most evil nun is back
Mr. Meat icon
Rescue the girl and get rid of the psychopath
The Nun icon
Escape the school... the evil nun catches you!