Ixquick icon
A private search tool for your smartphone
QuickSupport Add-On Intel icon
Intel Add-on TeamViewer
Skin Maker 3D icon
Make your own skins for Minecraft
Hackers Tools icon
A kit of complementary apps for hackers
HF Button Widget icon
Manage the headphone output on your smartphone
Image Search Download All icon
View results from Google image searches with this app
Manage your cameras online
Accounts Sync Profiler icon
Administration of different accounts for your Android
ADB-Master-Installer icon
Control various devices that use ADB on your smartphone
TimeCalc icon
An amazing conversion app for units of time
System Apps Installer icon
Manage your applications, memory, and partitions
Scan and manage WPS and WiFi networks
Genuine Galaxy icon
Check the veracity of your Samsung smartphone
Sender icon
Project what you're doing on your smartphone onto the TV
Apps Organizer icon
Manage all the apps you have installed on your smartphone
FaceLock for apps icon
Unlock access to your smartphone with facial recognition
Battery Booster icon
Increase the capacity of your battery up to 30%
FB Yandex icon
Quick Turkish search engine
Patcher icon
Management and permanent deletion of applications
Mod Locator for MCPE icon
Find the best mods for Minecraft PE
Wear Mini Launcher icon
The most popular launcher chosen by Android Wear users
flash alert on call icon
Flashes of light whenever you receive a notification
Spirit Level icon
A sophisticated and fully-featured level
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