hi!tide Venice icon
Keep an eye on the tide levels in Venice
Call Filter Alarm icon
Filter and select who can contact you on your smartphone
Simple Task Switcher icon
Control apps that are running or that were used recently
Motion Actions icon
Touching the screen's not the only way to control your device
App Usage Tracker icon
Statistics based on how much you use each app
Crafting Helper icon
With this app, you'll always have every Minecraft recipe on hand
ARChon Packager icon
Create Chrome Archon packages on Android
Fast FlashLight icon
An easy-to-use flashlight for your smartphone
Suggest Movie icon
Feel like watching a new movie?
Downcount: Simple Countdowns icon
The simplest way to create countdowns
Desktop Notifications icon
Receive all your notifications on your desktop
Better Open With icon
Choose which application opens each of your files
Google Gesture Search icon
Draw gestures on your screen to open apps
Spare Parts Plus! icon
Increase the font size on your Android phone
SD Speed Increase icon
Increase the speed of your SD card
Layar icon
Augmented reality in your hands
Kid Mode: Games and Videos icon
Let your kids play with your phone without any worry
StopWatch & Timer icon
The best stopwatch always prepared
ONS icon
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