Multi Calculator icon
A powerful, full-featured calculator
Super Battery Life - Repair, Doctor & Extender icon
Check the health of your battery
Office VPN icon
An excellent app to browse using VPN connections
Claro icon
A platform full of applications, information, and more from Claro Perú
Assistant icon
Statistical information about the important fields of World of Tanks
Converter icon
Convert units in the metric system
Claro icon
Access Claro El Salvador services from your smartphone
SatFinder icon
A handy satellite finder
Bubble Level icon
Easy-to-use and useful leveling tool
TIM Protect icon
Protect your Internet navigation with this tool
Back Button Gesture Launcher icon
Go back on your smartphone by using gestures
Blue Link icon
Get information on your Hyundai and its services
Night Flash icon
An illuminated tool with Morse code for communicating from far away
Percentage Calculator icon
Calculate percentages and make graphs
Korean Emoji Keyboard icon
Use emoji on your Korean keyboard
Fabric icon
Monitor your apps in real-time
AppMonster Free icon
Make backups of your mobile device to restore it if needed
SpeedCalc Free icon
Save time balancing your accounts
KK Locker icon
Get the most out of Lollipop & KitKat lockscreen
Floating Toucher icon
Access all the main options for Android with this floating button
Thermometer Free icon
Use your device to see the indoor and outdoor temperature
Mobile Print icon
An easy way to print with your OKI printer from your device
Shellfire VPN icon
Hide your IP address to surf the Internet freely
Sound Meter PRO icon
You can analyze the sounds, decibels, etc. with this sound level meter
PDF Utility - Lite icon
Lightweight program for creating and editing PDF files
Reminder icon
Don't forget any of your chores with these notes
Pocket Lock icon
Lock your phone automatically when you put it in your pocket
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