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The most important info about movie theaters, movies, and TV shows
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Stay connected while watching TV
Sweet Talking Puppy: Funny Dog icon
A friendly puppy who wants to talk and play with you
Simulator Laser 3D Joke icon
Make it seem like you have a laser on your smartphone
Fun Face Changer: Photo Studio icon
Load up some disguises for photos of your friends
Photo Deformer Plus icon
Retouch your photos to make crazy faces
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Check out the best TV programs in Vietnam
Planet Televizija icon
The best Slovenian television programming
Talking Scarecrow icon
Talk to the scarecrow and he'll repeat what you say in a funny voice
Face Scanner: Vampire Monster icon
Find out which demon or monster you'd be
PlayTo Sony TV icon
Control any Sony Television from your smartphone
Talking Sheep icon
A sheep that talks... What else is there in the world?
Milk The Cow icon
Milk the cow as fast as you can
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A television guide full of Italian TV channels
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Nice ringtones to make your day to day life more interesting
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A world full of imaginative riddles
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Watch new releases in the Telugu language
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Have a laugh scanning your friends for their sexual potency
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Hundreds of European TV and radio stations
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Keep Bollywood at your fingertips with this app
play the organ icon
Play the piano on your smartphone
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A community for fans of the mythic Zelda to chat and keep in the loop
Extra Package - My Fake Look icon
Wigs, clothes, and other accessories to add some fun to your photos
My Talking Baby Music Star icon
Babies with lots of rhythm!
Reverse Talk icon
Play recordings of your voice backwards to talk in reverse
My GTA V Map icon
Take a closer look at the GTA V city so you don't miss a single detail
Easy Reader FB2 icon
An FB2 e-book reader with a practical and simple interface
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Chat with this pirate whenever you want