Leg Trainer icon
Strengthen your legs with exercises designed for you
Vibrate Plus icon
Make your phone vibrate and use it to give massages
Simply Yoga FREE icon
Yoga exercises you can do every day
Stretch Exercises icon
Stretching exercises that will lengthen your life
M2Plus Reader icon
An app for reading Japanese medical handbooks
DAF Delayed Auditory Feedback icon
Improve your verbal fluency with this special feedback technique
SCS. Cita Previa A.P. icon
Make an appointment with a doctor in the Servicio Canario de Salud
Yoga For Abs Free icon
Do yoga at home with a little help from this app
Alkaline Food Chart icon
Achieve your ideal weight with the alkaline diet
TV 2 Sporty icon
Get motivated with this Norwegian physical training app
DoctorMe icon
A guide with pathologies, symptoms, and medicines
M2Plus Launcher icon
Japanese tool for the best doctors
Kalori Cetveli icon
Find out how many calories you consume in a day
Farmacia di Turno icon
Updated list of Italian pharmacies
Disease Dictionary icon
Information and definitions for illnesses in this medical resource
Human Anatomy icon
Learn about all of the aspects of human anatomy
Daily Leg Workout FREE icon
Get built with these exercise routines
Waterbalance icon
Do you drink enough water? Use this app to find out
MSF International icon
Updated news on Doctors without Borders
Sonic Mosquito Repellent icon
Kill the mosquitoes that annoy you all year long
Sleepy icon
Monitor your sleep cycles
Tecnonutri icon
Finally a nutritionist that gives you advice on diets and food
HelpDiabetes icon
Control your carbohydrate intake and keep your glucose levels low
Moksha Hot Yoga icon
Your Moksha Yoga meditation
Home Workout Exercise Program icon
Set your own workout routine and get going!
Bloqueo de luz azul icon
Change the color of the light emitted by your screen
Ayurvedic Home Remedies icon
This app is full of herbal secrets and remedies
Prognosis : Diabetes icon
Useful app for diabetics
Simple C25K icon
Josh Clark's show, Couch to 5K, now on your device
Calculate ideal weight (BMI) icon
Simple steps for calculating your Body Mass Index
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