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Transportation Engineering icon
Learn all the basics about transportation engineering
Surveying icon
Topography notes for engineers
Mining Surveying - I icon
Simple and useful notes about mining topography
Geology - I icon
Step into the exciting world of geology
Engineering Materials icon
Masterful notes on engineering materials
Construction Materials icon
A basic construction syllabus for civil engineering
Basic Civil Engineering icon
Detailed notes about basic civil engineering
Engineering Chemistry icon
The perfect study buddy
Chemical Instrumentation icon
Characteristics and in-and-outs of lab instruments
Chemical Engg.Thermodynamics icon
Simple notes for chemical thermodynamics for chemical engineering
Advanced Engineering Chemistry icon
An essential app for studying chemical engineering
Human Physiology - I icon
Study and broaden your understanding of human physiology
Biomass Conversion Technology icon
Master the field of biomass conversion technology
Bioprocess Biomass Calculation icon
Learn about biomass and bioprocess calculations
Measurement Techniques icon
Learn everything related to scientific measurement
Material and Energy Balance icon
Simple and practical tips on material and energy balance
Engineering Physics icon
Simple notes about engineering physics
Engineering Mathematics III icon
An engineering mathematics pocket manual
Engineering Mathematics-II icon
Continue your math studies related to engineering
Engineering Mathematics - I icon
The basic math for any Engineering field
English Speaking by Engineering icon
Learn English with this app
Discrete Mathematics icon
A great manual about discrete math
Communication Skills icon
Simple notes of professional communication
Contents of the Lakshmi Narain College of Technology
Algebra icon
A complete guide for solving basic and advanced algebraic equations
SIGMA Calc icon
Solve basic math calculations
Western Blot Fitter icon
The perfect help for carrying out electroblotting processes
Golden Eagle Theme C Launcher icon
An Android theme with images of real eagles
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