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Discover the best of Chatbot Apps for Android. Download them for free and virus free from Uptodown
1. Discord icon
Discord is a platform that offers you a virtual space to create and participate in communities and chat with your friends. With its various communication...
16.9 M downloads
2. Character.AI icon
Character.AI is a tool that allows you to chat with fictional characters created by artificial intelligence. This Android tool is based on a well-known website...
365.1 k downloads
3. Chai - Chat with AI Friends icon
Chai - Chat with AI Friends is a platform where you can chat with various artificial intelligences playing different characters. You can choose from a...
265.9 k downloads
4. SpicyChat icon
Step into the enthralling realm of SpicyChat, your premier destination for immersive AI-driven conversations where you take the reins of creation. Presented with an opportunity...
25.1 k downloads
5. Talkie: Soulful AI icon
Talkie: Soulful AI is an app, similar to, in which you can chat with multiple characters powered by AI. After selecting the topics you're...
55.3 k downloads
6. Crushon AI icon
Crushon AI is a tool that allows you to chat with multiple chatbots on your smartphone. By selecting the virtual character you're most interested in...
43.9 k downloads
7. Linky icon
Linky is a chatbot app that lets you use the power of AI to chat with loads of virtual characters. With their different ways of...
8 k downloads
8. Hi Waifu icon
Hi Waifu is an interesting app where you can have deep conversations with the AI and even choose which character you want to interact with...
70.6 k downloads
9. Replika icon
Replika is an instant messaging app where you can chat with an AI twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Not only is the...
412.6 k downloads
10. Moemate icon
Moemate is an innovative app where you can interact and have fun with AI chatbots based on celebrities, anime characters, fictional characters, and personalized avatars...
4.3 k downloads

More apps from the Chatbot Apps collection

Cici icon
A virtual friend controlled by AI
AI Fantasy icon
Infinite conversations with different AI characters
SimSimi icon
Would you like to talk to SimSimi?
AI Chat: Apo Assistant Chatbot icon
Chat with an AI-developed bot
Talking Ben AI icon
Talk with Ben the dog, now powered with AI
Chatbot AI icon
Advanced AI Chatbot for Personalized, Intelligent Conversations
Mydol icon
Make imaginary friends
Ask AI icon
Codeway Dijital
CallAnnie icon
AI companion app for on-the-go English learning and conversation
AI Persona icon
AI Persona
Luzia: Your AI Assistant icon
A personalizable virtual assistant
AI Chat ChatBOT GPT Assistant icon
Boost productivity with advanced AI-enhanced creative assistant
Answer.AI icon
Answer all your questions with AI
EVA AI Chat Bot icon
An AI that is entirely devoted to you
Nova icon
Enjoy this alternative to ChatGPT
Chat AI: AI Chat Bot Assistant icon
Ask this powerful AI powered by ChatGPT anything you like
Merlin icon
Your AI Chatbot powered by GPT-4. Write email, blogs, articles & more
Lark icon
An easy way to manage your remote working environment
Chatbot AI icon
Chat with AI
Yana icon
Virtual help for those with anxiety and depression
Youper - Feel Your Best icon
A virtual assistant to talk to when you're depressed
ChatAi GDT icon
An AI in your pocket
AI ChatBot AI Friend Generator icon
Advanced Multilingual AI Assistant for Effortless Communication
Wysa icon
A friendly and helpful penguin to keep in your pocket
Anima: AI Friend & Companion icon
Create intelligent virtual friends and chat with them
ChatG - AI Chat Bot GPT icon
A useful and accurate artificial intelligence tool
Butterflies - Bring AI to Life icon
The AI social media platform
Socratic icon
Snap a quick shot of your homework and get 100% correct results
FakeTalk icon
A surprisingly realistic and completely customizable AI chat
Chatteo icon
Ask AI anything you want
Kajiwoto icon
Create a virtual pet and talk in different chat rooms
eNPCilon - Make your own NPC icon
Make a chat bot say anything!
Ario Chat Bot | Chat with AI icon
A chatbot connected to Chat GPT to answer questions
ChatBot icon
Ask this AI chatbot anything you want
AI Chat-Chat with chatbot icon
AI Chatbot app with ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo for multilingual conversations
Ask Ai - Chatbot Ai Assistant icon
AI Study Aid for K-12 and College Exam Prep with Rewards System
ChatUp AI icon
AI Chatbot for text generation and characters chat
ChatBot icon
Robust AI Chat | Chatbot icon
'Robust AI Chat' is a super smart chatbot powered by ChatGPT and GPT-4
My AI - Chatbot Assistant icon
Interactive AI chatbot for diverse task assistance and learning
Ask Me Anything - AI Chatbot icon
AI Chatbot for real-time answers, tasks, and productivity boost
Chat AI Bot: Chatbot Assistant icon
Secure, Customizable AI Chatbot for Efficient Personal Assistance
Picasso AI - Art AI, Chatbot icon
Artificial Intelligence Inc.
Aico - GPT AI Chat icon
Ask ChatGPT questions from your smartphone