Guide for GTA 5 icon
Beat GTA 5 with this guide
Hotel Dash icon
Discover all the things you can do in this hotel
Draw the Line 3D icon
Draw lines to carry the ball to the finish line
College Girls Team Makeover icon
Dress up the five most popular girls at the university
This way!! icon
Draw lines to guide all the characters
Learn to program the LEGO toolbox
Bubble Bird 2 icon
Rescue the trapped birds from the colorful bubbles
Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm icon
Your very own marijuana farm
Escaping the Prison icon
Use your brain to break out of prison
Toilet Time icon
Mini-games for the bathroom
Dress Up Fashion Challenge icon
Get creative designing fashionable outfits
Cooking Dash icon
Create delicious dishes in this time management game
Type Spin icon
Control the letters to reach the finish line
Tofu Girl icon
Get to the top by jumping up this tower of tofu
Pastel Girl icon
Design the most kawaii girl
Make More! icon
Work, work, work!
Bubble Shooter Classic icon
The most classic and traditional bubble shooter you can find
Cooking Dash icon
Become the chef of your own restaurant
Brain Go 2 icon
Rack your brain to solve the mysteries
Collect Cubes icon
Sit back and relax as you gather up all these cubes
Tap Tap Trillionaire icon
Just tap, tap, tap and get rich quick
Scrubby Dubby Saga icon
Remember what it was like to play in the bathtub
Fidget Toys 3D Pop It Trading icon
Relaxing mini-games for when you want a distraction
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