Pixel Cryptor icon
Protect your files using digital images
Themida icon
Protect software developers from piracy
BestCrypt Container Encryption icon
Crypt your important files an keep them safe
WinCrypto icon
Encrypt and password-protect your private files
R-Crypto icon
Protect your private information with virtual safes
DriveCrypt Plus Pack icon
Encrypt data in real time
SecureShare icon
Protect your files from indiscreet eyes
Cryptomax icon
Protect files and folders in just a few seconds
Flexcrypt 2010 icon
Encrypt any file in a snap
Text Secret icon
Easily encrypt text files
fSekrit icon
Create password-protected notes
LetEncrypt icon
Protect your data with passwords
PicCrypt icon
Hide any file by transforming it into an image
Tresorit icon
Protect all your files stored on the cloud
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