Game Turbo icon
Improve game performance on your Xiaomi device
Xiaomi Security icon
Xiaomi's official security and maintenance app
MIUI Screen recorder icon
Record video with internal sound on Xiaomi devices
Mi Cleaner icon
The official file cleaner from Xiaomi
Xiaomi Themes icon
Customize your Xiaomi smartphone's theme
MIUI Daily Wallpaper icon
A new smartphone wallpaper every day
Mi Health icon
A Xiaomi app that'll help you live a healthier life
Compass icon
A compass from Xiaomi
Mi Game Centre icon
Organize all the games on your Xiaomi smartphone
Mi Scanner icon
Scan QR codes from a Xiaomi device
Mi Roaming icon
Turn data roaming on or off on Xiaomi
Mi Community icon
Xiaomi's official message board app
MIUI DriveMode icon
Control your device with simple gestures while you drive
Xiaomi Survival Game icon
Xiaomi's version of a battle royale
Mi Store icon
The official Xiaomi app
MIUI Music Player icon
The music player from Xiaomi
Mi Cloud backup​ icon
Save your files on the cloud thanks to Xiaomi
Mi Quick apps Service Framework icon
Access any Xiaomi service in seconds
Mi Pass icon
Your Xiaomi account
System service plugin icon
Give your Xiaomi smartphone a security boost
Mi Calendar icon
The official calendar app from Xiaomi
MIUI Voice Assistant icon
The official voice assistant for Xiaomi smartphones
MIUI Clock icon
The official Xiaomi clock
Mi Wallet icon
The official wallet app from Xiaomi
Mi Drive icon
Cloud storage for all your files
Xiaomi System app updater icon
Update your Xiaomi system with this app
Xiaomi SIM Activation Service icon
SIM activation for Xiaomi devices
ShareSave icon
Buy Xiaomi products safely and securely
Mi App vault icon
Compile cards from apps on Xiaomi smartphones
MIUI Feedback App icon
Automatic bug report for Xiaomi devices