SUD Inc.


Dr. Driving icon
Drive carefully around the city
Dr. Driving 2 icon
Learn to drive for real
Dr. Parking 4 icon
Parking simulator
Dr. Chess icon
Play chess against opponents from all over the world
Dr. Checkers icon
A classic checkers game for your device
Dr. Rocket icon
Fly your rocket non-stop without crashing
Dr. Shogi icon
Japan's famous 'chess' game
Dr. Parking 2 Free icon
Show off your amazing parking skills once again
Dr. 1010 icon
Create lines of ten and eliminate blocks
Dr. Reversi icon
You won't be bored with this Othello game
Dr. Link icon
Find ways to connect two points
Dr. Janggi icon
Play Janggi, the Korean version of chess
Dr. Dominoes icon
Play dominoes anytime and anywhere
Dr. Computer icon
Game of numbers and equations that will have you hooked
Dr. Gomoku icon
This Gomoku board will keep you hooked for hours