Sonic Dash icon
An endless runner featuring Sonic
Sonic Forces icon
The Sonic characters battle it out online
Sonic the Hedgehog icon
The classic. The first. The best.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Classic icon
The best 2D Sonic
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II icon
Sonic never stops running
The Typing of the Dead icon
Kill zombies using keyboards instead of guns
Crazy Taxi Free icon
The famous Crazy Taxi is still awesome on Android
Sonic CD icon
Globe-trotting, time-traveling Sonic is back to save the world
Sonic CD Lite icon
The blue hedgehog is still as fast as ever
Virtua Tennis Challenge icon
The game that redefined 3D tennis
WWE Tap Mania icon
Create your own team of WWE superstars
SEGA Heroes icon
SEGA's most popular heroes come together for a unique adventure
Sonic Riders icon
Enjoy Sonic in a different way
Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 icon
One of the best RPG sagas on Android
Streets of Rage icon
A legendary 'beat 'em up' now on android
Super Monkey Ball Bounce icon
The characters from Super Monkey Ball bounce onto Android
The Story of Thor icon
One of SEGA's best RPGs is now available for Android!
Phantasy Star Online 2 icon
The legendary online SEGA game now for Android
Streets of Rage 2 icon
Part 2 of SEGA's popular beat'em up series
Golden Axe Classics icon
Vanquish the army of Death Adder
After Burner Climax icon
Frenetic action in the cockpit of a warplane
Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition icon
The great Super Monkey Ball landed on Android
Golf of Fury icon
Real time golf tournaments
SEGA Slots icon
A slot machine game with the official SEGA license
Crazy Taxi Tycoon icon
Dominate the world of taxis to make your millions
Altered Beast icon
Rise from you grave!
Phantasy Star Classics icon
The first great RPG from the 16-bit generation
Space Harrier II icon
Gripping third-person action
Ristar icon
Voyage through the galaxy
Kid Chameleon icon
Beat dozens of levels in the perfect disguises
Comix Zone icon
One of the greatest classics from SEGA is out on Android
VectorMan Classic icon
Non-stop action in this SEGA classic
Shining Force Classics icon
Three RPG classics rolled into one single Android game
FMdB icon
The official database of Football Manager
The Revenge Of Shinobi icon
Lurk the streets in search of vengeance. Your alias? Joe Musashi