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Samsung Smart Switch Mobile icon
Transfer all your content from your old Galaxy to your new phone
Samsung Internet Browser icon
The ideal tool for browsing on Samsung Galaxy
Galaxy Store icon
The Samsung app store
Samsung Messages icon
Samsung's own official MMS and SMS app
Samsung Gallery 3D icon
The best way to view your pictures in your Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Camera icon
The official Samsung camera app
Samsung Music icon
Powerful music player for Samsung devices
Samsung Clock icon
Check the time with the best widget for Samsung
Samsung keyboard icon
The official Samsung keyboard
Samsung Call icon
The official Samsung app for making calls
Samsung My Files icon
Manage files on your Samsung device
Samsung Email icon
Official Samsung email application
Samsung Voice Recorder icon
Record audio with this tool from Samsung
Samsung Weather icon
A great weather app for Samsung smartphones
Samsung Health icon
Trainer that sets objectives and challenges to keep you in shape
Samsung Calculator icon
The official calculator for Samsung smartphones
Samsung Contacts icon
Samsung smartphones' contact list
Samsung Phone icon
The official Samsung phone call app
Samsung Game Launcher icon
The best way to play games on Samsung devices
Samsung Smart View icon
Watch your favorite content on your Samsung TV
S Secure icon
Protect your files in a very simple way
Samsung Emergency Launcher icon
Use this Samsung theme in emergency situations
Samsung Message service icon
Samsung's official messaging app
Samsung Cloud icon
An automatic backup of all your data and info
EmergencyManagerService icon
Emergency mode management for Samsung devices
Galaxy Themes icon
Customize your Samsung from head to toe
Secure Folder icon
Protect folders with important information
Smart​Things icon
Easily control your Samsung devices
Samsung Software Update icon
Keep all your Samsung apps updates
Samsung Wi-Fi Calling icon
Call your contacts via WiFi
Samsung Kids Mode icon
Make your Samsung smartphone suitable for kids
Bixby Voice icon
The app you need to use Bixby voice service
Samsung Always On Display icon
A system app for Samsung smartphones
Samsung Radio icon
The official radio app for Samsung smartphones
Samsung Calendar icon
The Samsung device calendar
Samsung Device Maintenance icon
Keep your Samsung smartphone in tip-top shape
Samsung Finder icon
Find anything on your Samsung in an instant
Samsung Game Tools icon
A set of features to improve your gaming experience
Samsung Safety assistance icon
Samsung's safety assistant
Samsung Pay icon
Forget your wallet and pay with this app instead
WallpaperPicker icon
The best wallpapers for Samsung
Samsung Video Player icon
Official Samsung video player
Samsung Contacts icon
The official Contacts app for Samsung devices
Samsung SoundAlive icon
Use external speakers with your Android smartphone
ConfigUpdater icon
A system app to display updates on Android
CMHProvider icon
Preview photos from your Samsung gallery
Samsung SetupWizard icon
Install apps from Samsung's official repository
FactoryCamera icon
A camera management system app for Samsung
Google One Time Init icon
App that runs when you start your device for the first time
Samsung Find My Mobile icon
Find your Samsung smartphone
Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) icon
Manage your Galaxy Wearable with your smartphone
Samsung Link Sharing icon
Share photos and videos instantly
Samsung text-to-speech engine icon
Voice synthesis for Samsung smartphones
Configuration message icon
Manage the SMSs and MMSs on your Samsung device
Samsung Members icon
The official Samsung community app
Samsung Free icon
Samsung's own official virtual assistant
Samsung Location SDK icon
A system kit for managing geolocation data
Smart Switch Agent icon
Quickly transfer files between Samsung devices
Samsung Connect Easy Setup icon
The simplest way to connect all your Samsung devices
Phone icon
A Samsung app for making VoIP calls
Samsung Pay Framework icon
This is the tool you need to use Samsung Pay
Samsung Capture icon
Take screenshots on your Samsung smartphone
Samsung Slow and fast motion video player and editor icon
Record videos at different speeds with your Samsung camera
Samsung Push Service icon
An indispensable Samsung app
Samsung Video Trimmer icon
Easily crop your Samsung videos
Samsung Video Editor Lite icon
A video-editing app for Samsung devices
Samsung StoryService icon
System services for your Samsung device
Samsung Video Library icon
A full-powered Samsung video gallery
Samsung Good Lock icon
Customize your Samsung smartphone's lock screen
Knox Enrollment Service icon
Add thousands of Samsung smartphones to your administration provider
Samsung Wallpaper services icon
Showcase HD images in your lock screen
Samsung Sound picker icon
Modify the notification and call sounds on your Samsung
Samsung DeX icon
Use your Samsung smartphone like a PC
Favourite Contacts icon
A desktop widget for your favorite contacts
Samsung Checkout icon
Payment management when purchasing apps in the Samsung Store
Samsung Experience Svc icon
Samsung's official interface
Samsung Wallpapers (Deprecated) icon
The official app for Samsung wallpapers
Facebook Services icon
Facebook services for your Samsung device
Safety Information icon
A Samsung app related to device security
Samsung Edge screen icon
System app for Samsung devices
Wi-Fi Direct icon
Create a server on your Samsung to access data remotely
Call & Message Continuity icon
Receive messages and calls on your Samsung smartphone
Samsung Internet Beta icon
Get the browse engine designed for Samsung
Samsung Configuration update icon
Keep your Samsung device updated
Samsung Apps edge icon
Open apps from an easy-access menu
DiagMonAgent icon
A Samsung diagnostic app
Samsung Video icon
A Samsung Video platform for your smartphone
SecurityLogAgent icon
Increase the security of your Samsung device
Samsung Quick tools icon
Essential tools for your Samsung
People edge icon
Quick access to contacts on Samsung
Samsung Game Optimizing Service icon
Samsung's official game optimizer
Samsung Live focus icon
Take photos with a blur effect
Samsung Contacts Storage icon
Keep your Samsung smartphone contacts on hand
Bixby Vision icon
Use Bixby to search with images
Samsung Software Update icon
Manage your Samsung updates
Samsung SmartThings icon
Connect your Samsung to compatible devices
Filter Provider icon
A Samsung system app
Samsung Magnifier icon
A magnifying glass for your Samsung device
Group Play icon
Simultaneously share content with other Samsung smartphones
Samsung Create movie icon
Edit videos on your Samsung device
Samsung Record screen icon
A Samsung app for recording your smartphone's screen
Samsung Accessibility icon
Samsung personalization options for everyone
Personalization Service Client icon
Personalized services for Samsung users
Samsung Reminder icon
Create all the reminders you need with this app
Samsung Quick Share icon
Easily share content between Samsung device
Samsung Clock style icon
Customize the clock on your Samsung smartphone
Smart Tutor for SAMSUNG Mobile icon
An official support service for Samsung smartphones
FaceService icon
Facial recognition system in Samsung devices
Samsung Nearby Service icon
Find nearby devices on Samsung
Wearable Manager Installer icon
A wearables manager for Android
IPService icon
Let other apps access WiFi and the Internet with this app
Samsung AR Zone icon
Make the most of your Samsung Galaxy camera
Samsung Notes Add-ons icon
An extra app for managing your notes on Samsung
Samsung Global Goals icon
Turn ads into donations for Global Goals
Bixby Service icon
An essential app for using Bixby on Samsung devices
Samsung Security Policy Update icon
Protect your Samsung device from any threat
Samsung Call settings icon
Manage your Samsung call options
Samsung 360 Photo Editor icon
Edit 360-degree photos on your Samsung device
Quick Share icon
An app for sharing content with nearby devices
NetworkDiagnostic icon
Network diagnostics for Samsung devices
HandwritingService icon
Handwriting recognition on Samsung touchscreens
Tasks edge icon
Easily open apps on your Samsung
Shop Samsung icon
The official Samsung store
Samsung Air command icon
Make the most of your Samsung Note pen
Samsung Pass icon
The safest way to log in on your Samsung smartphone
PEN.UP icon
Share digital art with your friends
Samsung User Manual icon
A user manual for Samsung devices
Samsung KMS Agent icon
Support the use of NFC services on your Android device
Calendar Storage icon
Manage your calendars on your Samsung device
Samsung Wallpapers icon
The best wallpapers for your Samsung device
AuthFw TaPack icon
Samsung Pass component
Separate app sound icon
Play music while you receive a call
DRParser Mode icon
Unlock your smartphone if you forgot the password or PIN
Keyguard Wallpaper Updator icon
Unlock your Samsung while looking at the best images
Samsung Write on PDF icon
Annotate PDF files
Cameralyzer icon
An internal test app for your Samsung's camera
Samsung Multi Connectivity icon
A Samsung app for connecting peripherals to various devices
Samsung Device Security icon
Increase the security of your Samsung mobile
SettingsBixby icon
An app for managing Bixby settings
Samsung Members icon
Customized assistance for your Samsung device
Samsung Galaxy Friends icon
Connect and manage the content you like best from a single app
Samsung AR Emoji Editor icon
Edit fun emojis on your Samsung device
MDE Service Framework icon
A system app for your Samsung device
RcsSettings icon
RCS settings on Samsung, the standard SMS and MMS replacement
SCPM Client icon
A system app for optimizing battery usage
SetupWizardLegalProvider icon
Check the terms and conditions when installing apps
Samsung Accessory Service icon
Connect accessories to your smartphone
Samsung One UI Home icon
Customize the home screen on your Galaxy devices
ImsLogger icon
IMS messaging service logs on Samsung
Samsung Visit In icon
Improve location accuracy on your Samsung
Foundation icon
A system font for Samsung One UI
AASAservice icon
Receive security information on Samsung devices
Kids Gallery icon
An entertaining app for painting and creating images
Work profile icon
A tool for Samsung Knox
Bobby'snCanvas icon
Have fun drawing with your Samsung
Work profile icon
A tool for Samsung Knox
Wi-Fi Tips icon
Tips for connecting to WiFi on Samsung
Samsung Positioning icon
Samsung positioning service
Samsung Shop icon
All of Samsung's best deals, right at your fingertips
My Emoji Stickers icon
Send the best stickers with your Samsung smartphone
Samsung Network Unlock icon
Upgrade your Samsung device
Knox Analytics Uploader icon
Analytics data from Samsung Knox
KLMS Agent icon
Samsung Knox security feature
Galaxy Themes Service icon
Manage the themes on your Samsung devices
MLP icon
android MLP
Samsung location app
Authentication Framework icon
Save your passwords safely
DQA icon
android DQA
Kids Home Installer icon
The perfect app for setting up a kids mode on Samsung smartphones
Sticker Center icon
Sticker management center for Samsung
Samsung Honey Board icon
An excellent keyboard for your Samsung
Samsung Flow icon
Sync your Samsung smartphone and your PC
External Storage icon
External storage manager for Android
Samsung Sound detectors icon
Identify sounds with your Samsung smartphone to receive alerts
Samsung MirrorLink icon
Pair your Samsung smartphone screen with your car's
Autofill with Samsung Pass icon
An essential Samsung Pass companion app
EmergencyProvider icon
Emergency mode management for Samsung
Settings Storage icon
Save your settings configuration on Samsung
Dual Messenger icon
Install multiple accounts of the same app in Samsung
Digital Wellbeing icon
Track how much time you spend on your smartphone
Samsung Dictionary icon
Samsung's dictionary management app
What's new icon
Check out what's new about your Samsung device
Input Devices icon
System app that adapts the input form of a device
BluetoothTest icon
Connection test for Bluetooth
SystemUIBixby2 icon
A required app for using Bixby on Samsung
Configuration update icon
A country identifier for installing firmware on Samsung
Samsung Clipboard edge icon
A useful clipboard for copying any information in a second
Phone and Messaging Storage icon
Call and SMS management on Samsung devices
DeviceTest icon
Samsung phone hardware testing app
Enterprise Sim Pin Service icon
SIM management in enterprise mode in Samsung
Hiya Service icon
A Samsung app that notifies you if a call is spam
Select background music icon
Customize your Samsung's music
Samsung Print Service Plugin icon
Send documents to your printer from Android
DeviceKeystring icon
App to write secret codes on the Phone keypad
One Hand Operation + icon
Control your Samsung device with a single hand
Game Tuner icon
Adjust the resolution and frame rate of your Android games
CallBGProvider icon
A call manager for Samsung devices
Samsung S Voice icon
Samsung's voice recognition software
Link to Windows Service icon
Use your Galaxy on Windows without taking your smartphone out of your pocket
Work Setup icon
A Samsung app to activate work mode for companies
LED Cover icon
Control LED lights from Samsung devices
Sound Assistant icon
A sound assistant for your Samsung smartphone
HwModuleTest icon
App in charge of hardware diagnostics in Samsung
Samsung Health Monitor icon
Discover all the details of your Samsung device
Gear Plugin icon
A plugin to use with the Samsung Gear app
Dsms icon
A Samsung system app for data stream management
Galaxy Watch PlugIn icon
Manage your Samsung watch with this app
EpdgTestApp icon
Android app that manages access to untrusted networks
Blocked Numbers Storage icon
Store blocked numbers in Android
CSC icon
android CSC
MmsService icon
A system app for managing MMS messages
Tags icon
Manage the NFC tags system on Android
Companion Device Manager icon
System service in Android to manage devices
Live Message icon
Send animated messages to your contacts
Herramientas SIM icon
Toolkit for the Samsung SIM card
Samsung Link Platform icon
Use Gallery, Music, and Video from Samsung Link
Samsung TV Plus icon
Hundreds of free TV channels on your Samsung
SilentLogging icon
A system app for Android
Samsung Auto Hotspot icon
A Samsung app for creating WiFi hotspots
Samsung Game Optimizing Service icon
Optimize your gaming experience on Samsung devices
Samsung Wallpaper icon
Wallpaper management on Samsung devices
Samsung Media and devices icon
Multimedia control for Samsung devices
EasyOneHand icon
Enable one-handed use mode in Samsung
ShortcutBNR icon
System app for Samsung devices
Samsung Device Health Manager Service icon
Samsung Health application management service
Samsung Secure Wi-Fi icon
Connect to secure Wi-Fi networks on your Samsung
Samsung Car Mode icon
Use your smartphone without taking your hands off the wheel
KnoxVpnPacProcessor icon
Automatic proxy configuration in Knox for Samsung
Samsung Link icon
Samsung's cloud storage
Samsung voice input icon
Set up voice input on your Samsung smartphone
Samsung Theme Park icon
Create your own customized themes
Eye comfort shield icon
Protect your eyes from blue light with this mode from Samsung
TetheringAutomation icon
App related to Wi-Fi sharing tethering
Separated Apps icon
Isolate apps in a sandbox to keep them separate
Samsung Milk Music icon
Stream radio programs and music whenever you want
Configuration update icon
A country identifier for installing firmware on Samsung
Watch Active Plugin icon
A plugin for the Galaxy Wearable app
Samsung My Knox icon
Work from your mobile device with complete security and privacy
Watch Active2 Plugin icon
A plugin for the Galaxy wearable app
NavStar icon
Set up your navigation bar on Samsung
SideSync icon
Easily sync your PC with your Samsung Galaxy
Samsung LockStar icon
Customize your Samsung smartphone's lock screen
Lisa's Music Band icon
A music band on your Samsung
Samsung AR Emoji icon
Augmented reality emoji for Samsung
Samsung Core Services icon
A system app for your Samsung
Motion photo Viewer icon
A photo viewer for Samsung
Quick Measure icon
Take quick measurements with your Android device
Kids House icon
Adapt your Samsung interface to kids
Samsung ClockFace icon
Add GIFs, text or images to your Samsung watch
SecSoundPicker icon
A system app for changing notification sounds
Samsung Smart Call icon
Improvements for calls on your Samsung
Samsung MultiStar icon
Manage various tasks on your Samsung smartphone screen
Samsung Music icon
Get your groove on with this Samsung app for music lovers
Home Up icon
Improve your Samsung home screen
Samsung Smart Camera App. icon
This tool is exactly what you need to manage your photos
Samsung Private Share icon
Share files privately and safely
Samsung DeX icon
Use your Samsung in desktop mode
Tags icon
Add tags to the images on your Samsung
SamsungSmartSuggestions icon
Smart suggestions from Samsung on Android
Samsung Books icon
View publications and articles by courtesy of Samsung
ChatON icon
IM for everyone
Galaxy Buds Live Plugin icon
Adjust parameters of your Galaxy Buds
Samsung Picture Frame icon
One of the most useful widgets from Samsung
Galaxy Fit Plugin icon
Connect your Samsung wearable to your smartphone
Samsung Galaxy Labs icon
Improve your Galaxy smartphone's performance
Gear VR SetupWizard icon
Virtual reality on your Samsung
Augmented reality for your Samsung photos
Samsung SSD Magician icon
The perfect companion for your SSD
Samsung Level icon
An app to synchronize Level devices
My Emoji Maker icon
Create your own emoji from your Samsung
Smart View icon
Bring multimedia content to your Samsung Smart TV
Samsung Battery Guardian icon
Improve your Samsung's battery
Samsung Smart Switch icon
Transfer the entire contents of your Samsung
Galaxy Buds icon
A settings panel for your Samsung headphones
EdgeLighting+ icon
Check your notifications with your camera's LED
Sec Media Storage icon
App to scan information from multimedia files
Samsung File Guardian icon
Recover deleted files on your Samsung
Samsung Battery Tracker icon
Manage your Samsung's battery usage
WlanTest icon
Network connection test on Samsung devices
Samsung Air Translate icon
Quick and easy translation with your Samsung
Display icon
Discover new products and features for Samsung
Samsung Hub icon
Native Samsung printing support for Android
Thermal Guardian icon
Manage your Samsung smartphone's temperature
Kids Mode icon
Exclusive applications for kids to learn and play
Artecture Draw, Sketch, Paint icon
A powerful drawing app for Android
Samsung Memory Guardian icon
Analyze your Samsung's RAM
Samsung Galaxy App Booster icon
Optimize all your Samsung apps
Game Clock icon
Improve your gameplay on your Samsung
Samsung Smart Washer icon
Control your washer and dryer from your smartphone!
Power Sharing icon
Share your charge with other devices
Extension pack icon
An extension pack for your S. Note
Samsung Wallet icon
Keep your cards, tickets, and coupons on you with this virtual wallet
GPUWatch icon
Analyze your Samsung GPU with this app
Kies 2.0 icon
The ultimate management utility for Samsung phones
Share music icon
A place to organize your music and share it with others
Pentastic icon
Customize Galaxy Note's SPen even more
TV & Remote icon
A simple but effective remote control for Samsung TV
Samsung Milk Video icon
Share and discuss the most popular videos
Samsung TecTiles icon
Easily assign tasks on your TecTiles tags
GALAXY S5 Experience icon
Instructions and information for Galaxy S5
Samsung Game Live icon
Stream the games you have installed on your Android smartphone
Media Hub icon
Music, videos, TV series... Samsung Media Hub has everything
증권정보POP icon
A useful Korean tool with stock trading information
Samsung Multiroom icon
Play music and search for songs on your Samsung smartphone
Samsung Cares icon
Online support for your products
Sunset icon
A special filter for your best pictures
S Note Viewer icon
View all the SPD and SNB files you have
Galaxy Enhance-X icon
Improve the quality of your photographs exponentially
GALAXY Note4 Experience icon
Get all the updates for your Samsung device
Samsung Galaxy S6 Experience icon
Get all the benefits of having a Samsung Galaxy!
Remote Viewfinder icon
Experiment a new dimension while taking pictures
Mobile Print Manager icon
Everything you need to print your files from your Samsung printer
Samsung Gear S Experience icon
Get rewards and new experiences with your device
Samsung Elite icon
Get all the details on important Samsung information
Galaxy Note5 Experience icon
Design, features, and accessories for Samsung smartphones
GALAXY ALPHA Experience icon
Get to know all the best features on Samsung's new phone
GALAXY Note 3 Experience icon
Improve your interactive experience with these functions
MobileLink icon
Transfer files between your Android and Samsung SMART camera
Entre no Jogo icon
Stay up on tons of soccer tournaments
Samsung ChatON icon
Communicate with your Samsung ChatON contacts on your PC