Google Chrome Portable icon
Use Google Chrome wherever you go
uTorrent Portable icon
The easiest way to download torrents
Audacity Portable icon
Take your Audacity with you and edit audio wherever you are
7-zip Portable icon
Compress your files everywhere you go
PotPlayer Portable icon
A portable version of this excellent media player
IcoFX Portable icon
The perfect solution for icon creation
LibreOffice Portable icon
Carry your word processing program in your pocket
Skype Portable icon
Convert your pendrive into a phone
Eraser Portable icon
Secure file deletion, runs from portable devices
DOSBox Portable icon
Emulate the MSDOS operating system from any computer
Daphne Portable icon
Control every process in your Operating System
FocusWriter Portable icon
Write without distractions
Pidgin Portable icon
Use Pidgin on any computer, without installation
Lightscreen Portable icon
Capture any part of the screen without installing anything
Sudoku Portable icon
Play Sudoku on any PC, without installation Platform icon
Build your own suite of portable applications
Miranda IM Portable icon
Take this messaging client with you on your Flash Drive
GnuCash Portable icon
Manage your business's finances from any PC
ClamWin Portable icon
Eliminate virus and malware with this portable antivirus
XnView Portable icon
The portable edition of the image viewer and converter
AppCompactor icon
Compress your portable applications
CoolPlayer Portable icon
A portable version of this simple audio player
Atomic Tanks Portable icon
Portable version of the remake of the classic Scorched Earth
ConvertAll Portable icon
Portable version of an excellent unit converter
VirtualDub Portable icon
Capture and process videos with this portable tool
JPEGView Portable icon
Another way to view images on your computer
AssaultCube Portable icon
Portable version of Cube’s most exciting clone.