Yandex.Search icon
Let the Russian search engine Yandex take over your smartphone
Yandex.Translate icon
Translate words and phrases into other languages
Yandex.Taxi icon
Call a taxi in Russia in the blink of an eye
Yandex.Money icon
An easy way to pay for Internet services
Yandex Browser Lite icon
A reduced version of the Yandex browser
Yandex Browser Beta icon
Be the first to discover new features from Yandex Browser
Yandex Maps icon
An interesting alternative to check out maps and routes worldwide
Yandex.Keyboard icon
Communicate with this customizable keyboard app
Yandex Music icon
The official music app from Yandex
Yandex.Disk icon
Cloud storage courtesy of Yandex
Yandex.Shell icon
A dialer, address book, and launcher, all in one!
Taximeter icon
Become a taxi diver and transport passengers
Yandex Trains icon
Trains in Russia and nearby countries
FB Yandex icon
Quick Turkish search engine
Yandex.Transport icon
Don't ever miss the bus or metro again
Yandex.Maps Widget icon
Maps and traffic forecasting for Eastern Europe
Yandex.Weather icon
Find out what the weather will be like over the next 10 days