Noodlecake Studios Inc


The Blockheads icon
A version of Minecraft like you've never seen before
Alto's Odyssey icon
A wonderful journey through the unexplored
Golf Blitz icon
Have a blast playing golf on your smartphone
It's Full of Sparks icon
A truly explosive game
Astro Party icon
Make your way through space in this exciting multiplayer game
Flipflop Solitaire icon
A new take on an old game -- solitaire!
Another Case Solved icon
Grab your magnifying glass and solve some mysteries
Sneak Ops icon
Infiltrate the enemy base... without getting caught
Happy Jump icon
A little blob of jell-o with big dreams of flying
Leap On! icon
Leap, try it out, and have fun
Shy Bunnies icon
Jump on your enemies in this battle royale featuring bunnies
Bouncy Hoops icon
Basketball has never been so simple and fun
Random Heroes icon
Once a hero, always a hero
Bitcoin Billionaire icon
Become a Bitcoin billionaire
Farm Punks icon
The farm with the most unusual fruits
Continuity 2 Lite icon
Try to solve these levels with some logic and sliding
Foozle icon
Solve puzzles with physics and amazing characters
The Balloons icon
Get as high as you can while controlling a balloon
Tetris Pro icon
A Tetris game for anyone and everyone to enjoy
Motorball icon
Play soccer with cars
Tiny Warriors icon
Escape from the digital world with the help of the Tiny Warriors
Zombie Road Trip Trials icon
Run over all these pesky zombies in your monster truck
Super Stickman Golf icon
A simple but addictive 2D golf game
Small Fry icon
The epic journey of a very cunning fish
Noa Noa icon
A new version of the classic Tamagotchi
Shaman Doctor icon
Arcade ball game
Horde of Heroes icon
An adventure with a Bejeweled fighting style
Flipping Legend icon
Become a master of speed and rhythm
Dizzy Knight icon
Attack your enemies as you spin in circles!
Pixel Twist icon
Rotate pixels to create images