NetEase Games


LifeAfter (Global) icon
Cling to life in a hostile world
Cyber Hunter icon
A serious Fortnite competitor for Android
MARVEL Super War icon
A MOBA with Marvel characters
Rules of Survival icon
A 'battle royale' for up to 120 players
Cyber Hunter Lite icon
Enjoy Cyber Hunter from almost any smartphone
Knives Out icon
Outstanding 'battle royale'
Onmyoji Arena icon
A spectacular MOBA with the characters from Onmyoji
Tom and Jerry: Chase icon
The ultimate showdown between cat and mouse
Creative Destruction icon
A spectacular 'battle royale' inspired by Fortnite
Knives Out AIR icon
The Lite version of Knives Out
Creative Destruction icon
A free Fortnite-style battle royale that won't disappoint you
FortCraft icon
An excellent Fortnite clone for Android
Eggy Go icon
Colorful challenges and squishy characters
Ace Racer icon
Kick off the car festival of the future
Knives Out icon
Online action for up to 100 players
Green Glass icon
An introspective journey through beautiful landscapes
Rules of Survival icon
A 'battle royale' for up to 120 players
Identity V icon
Run for your life or become a monster: you decide
Survivor Royale icon
A hundred players on a desert island—only one will survive
Badlanders icon
Cross the battlefield and loot your enemies
Ride Out Heroes icon
A 'battle royale' with dragons, dinosaurs and magic
Champion Of The Fields icon
Exciting and realistic soccer matches
Identity V icon
Four survivors and one monster. Who will win?
Lost Light icon
Survive in a dark and dangerous world
Super Mecha Champions icon
A spectacular Battle Royale against giant robots
UU Game Booster icon
A solution to ping and latency problems while gaming
TOM AND JERRY: Joyful Interaction icon
The battle between Tom and Jerry has begun
Astracraft icon
Build your own fighting robot and destroy your rivals
BuildTopia icon
A rival for Fortnite on Android?
Cyber Hunter icon
One of the best battle royales for PC
My School Simulator icon
Welcome to the school of your dreams
Survivor Royale icon
A Windows version of this popular battle royale
Disorder icon
The ultimate Hero Shooter game
Ride Out Heroes icon
Spectacular battle royale set in a fantasy world
The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War icon
Will you be able to dominate Middle-earth?
Dawn of Isles icon
An amazing MMORPG reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda
Marvel Duel icon
A head-to-head dueling TCG set in the Marvel Universe
LifeAfter icon
Survive a hostile world with the help of other players
Stick Fight: The Game icon
Crazy fights between four real players
Super Mecha Champions icon
A battle royale of epic proportions -- giant robots included
Onmyoji icon
Defend the world against evil spirits
Meteorite Assassin - Fighter's Destiny icon
An epic action and role adventure set in feudal China
EVE Echoes icon
The most substantial space MMO hits Android
Extraordinary Ones icon
A spectacular anime-style MOBA
Murderous Pursuits icon
Find and destroy the suspect
Rules of Survival icon
A fun battle royale for up to 120 players
Unknown Future icon
Jump into an dangerous world in this roguelike with cards
King Of Hunters icon
Scamper to survive in this magical fantasy battle royale
Onmyoji: The Card Game icon
Exciting, card-based duels from the world of Onmyoji
Terminator 2: Judgment Day icon
Battle Royale in the world of Terminator 2
Crusaders of Light icon
An enormous MMORPG set in a fantasy world
Buildtopia icon
A very decent Fortnite alternative
Eternal Arena icon
Fun combination of ARPG and MOBA
Onmyoji Chess icon
The Onmyoji saga as auto chess
Legend: Rising Empire icon
Create your village and conquer your enemies
Project Atlas icon
Survive after a maritime disaster nearly destroys the world
Knives Out icon
One of the funnest Battle Royale games out there
Onmyoji: Yokai Koya icon
A new adventure starring the Onmyoji protagonists
Island Pioneer icon
A frantic 'battle royale' with isometric perspective
Cardboard Clash icon
A fun battle Royale with paper doll-style characters
FishBoy icon
Shoot at fish to collect various species
Rise of Dinos icon
Defend your village in this Jurassic strategy game!
Immortal Conquest icon
Become the best strategist and conqueror among your friends
Speedy Ninja icon
Put your agility to the test in these thrilling levels