Lion Studios


Happy Glass icon
Draw lines to fill the glass and make it happy
The Real Juggle icon
Juggle the soccer ball with each player
Just Draw icon
Solve puzzles by sketching the solution
Save The Girl icon
Get this woman out of every dangerous situation
Slap Kings icon
Become the champion of slapping in this fun game
Army Commander icon
Defeat the enemy army and conquer their territory
Cash, Inc. icon
Become a business mogul with this clicker
Mr Bullet icon
You have a shot at solving these puzzles
Papers Grade, Please! icon
Grade your students' answers and demonstrate your knowledge.
Pull Him Out icon
Help the explorer make it to the treasure
Clue Hunter icon
Think outside the box to solve these unsolved mysteries
Prank Master 3D icon
Play practical jokes on this unsuspecting victim
Bestie Breakup icon
Get this couple married
Icing On The Cake icon
Become a master cake artist and create incredible cakes
Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon icon
Sail the seven seas and become a fishing tycoon
Love Balls icon
Join these two balls in love using your brain and a pencil
Doll Designer icon
Make this couple's dream come true
Gas Station Inc. icon
Become a real gas station attendant
Draw Something 2 icon
The Grim Reaper is ready and waiting with his scythe
Popsicle Stack icon
Make the most amazing ice creams!
Survival Master 3D icon
Figure out how to survive in this prehistoric setting
Coal Mining Inc icon
Get rich thanks to coal in this idle game
No One Escape icon
Escape the room or hunt down enemies
Level Up Runner icon
Avoid obstacles and eliminate your enemies
Voodoo Doll icon
The sweetest revenge you can imagine
Ink Inc. icon
Create the perfect tattoo for each customer
Heroes Inc. icon
Build your own hero and save the world
Rocket Punch!! icon
Destroy your opponent with a clean punch
Girl Genius! icon
Fun puzzles where you reveal a scandalous backstory
Forge Ahead icon
Run your own forge and get gold by making swords
Pawn Shop Master icon
Buy used objects and sell them for more than you paid
Flip Trickster icon
Jump, do tricks, and try to land on your feet
Stairway to Heaven! icon
Do good things to climb the stairway to heaven
ID Please icon
Work as a nightclub bouncer
Food Cutting icon
Cut all food with precision
Yes, that dress! icon
Create and decorate incredible dresses
Date Master icon
Become a flirting master... Or not
Mr Fight icon
Strike all your enemies with outrageous moves
Perfect Date 3D icon
Will you get a kiss?
Protect The VIP icon
Save the lives of the rich and famous
Real Time Shields icon
Defend your buildings from enemy attack
Big Big Baller icon
Crush everything and everyone in your way to become a giant ball
DressUp Run! icon
Arrive with the perfect outfit or stay at home
Happy Shots icon
Get ready, swing, and solve mini golf puzzles!
Spin the Battle! icon
Spin the bottle to decide who shoots who
Piercing Parlor icon
Run your very own piercing parlor
Speak to the manager icon
Make good decisions to propel your business
Chores! icon
Complete chores throughout the day
Paint Fights icon
Cover your friends with colorful paint
Rolling Domino icon
Throw a marble and knock down all the chips
Crayon Epoxy icon
Melt crayons and create your own designs
Girl Next Door icon
Help your neighbors in this game with puzzles
Blendy! icon
Blend fruit to make juice in this game
Pressure Washer icon
Clean all kinds of items with a pressure washer
Save The Baby icon
Make good decisions and save the baby
Firestrike Tactics icon
Strategy, robots, and a big dose of science fiction
Braid Salon icon
Perfectly recreate each hairstyle
Stencil Art icon
Make works of art with spray paint
Paw Care icon
Take care of these dogs in your own clinic