Huawei AppGallery icon
The official Huawei app store
Huawei Music icon
The official music player from Huawei
HUAWEI Weather icon
The official Huawei weather-forecasting app
Huawei HiSuite icon
Manage files on your Huawei smartphone with ease
Huawei File Manager icon
The official Huawei file manager
HUAWEI Wallet icon
The official wallet app from Huawei
HiLink icon
File management and notification options with Huawei
Camera icon
The official Huawei app for taking photos
HiVoice icon
Control your Huawei smartphone with voice commands
HUAWEI GameCenter icon
The official app store from Huawei
Aico File Manager icon
Manage personal things on your smartphone with files and folders
 TT Note icon
Keep track of your plans and agendas with this tool